Amazfit PowerBuds Pro Officially Released first at 899 yuan, $139


This afternoon, Huami Technology not only announced the brand name and logo, but also released three smart watches such as Amazfit GTR 3 and Amazfit GTS 3, which are also the main flagship products of Huami over the years.

It is worth noting that Amazfit PowerBuds Pro, the world’s first TWS headset with cervical spine protection, officially launched at this conference.

According to the report, Amazfit PowerBuds Pro can detect the movement of neck through the built-in sensor. If the neck does not move for a long time, it will automatically send music to remind the user to move the cervical vertebra, so as to avoid the cervical spondylosis caused by prolonged sitting. It is called “white collar gadget”.

As a wearable product featuring health, Amazfit PowerBuds Pro also supports heart rate detection. With ear channel type heart rate monitoring and customized high transparent ear cap, heart rate monitoring can be realized in daily life or sports. When the sensor detects abnormal heart rate, an alarm will be issued and the monitoring data will be synchronized to the APP.

At the same time, similar to the heart rate detection of smart watches, Amazfit PowerBuds Pro can also be used as a sports monitoring tool during exercise, recording the user’s speed, distance, heart rate and other data during exercise, and providing analysis in the App.

In addition, the device can also realize the prevention of hearing damage in advance, which can be said to be full of the health attributes of a headset product.

It is understood that Amazfit PowerBuds Pro true wireless earphone adopts the high-precision and low-power heart rate sensor provided by Huidong Technology to provide continuous heart rate monitoring for users’ fitness activities, daily life and other scenes.

The product has the characteristics of ultra-small size and ultra-low power consumption, which is perfect for smart wearable products with strict requirements on size and power consumption such as smart headphones and smart rings.

It is reported that at present, huidong technology health sensor solutions have been widely used in smart watches/wristbands, wireless smart earphones and other products, harvest many well-known terminal brands and ODM manufacturers favor, the total shipment of tens of millions of pieces.

In addition to the above health functions, as an in-ear wireless earphone, Amazfit PowerBuds Pro also supports active noise reduction with a noise reduction depth of up to 40dB, and provides five noise reduction modes including transparent mode and adaptive mode. It also supports noise reduction for Sanmai calls and customized independent acoustic module to ensure clearer calling effects.

In terms of battery life, the single battery life of Amazfit PowerBuds Pro is up to 9 hours in standard mode, and the overall battery life with charging case is 30 hours. In noise-reduction mode, the headset music time is 5 hours and 45 minutes, and the overall battery life is 19 hours. In addition, it supports quick charging function, which can play 2.5 hours after charging in 15 minutes when there is no power, which can effectively relieve the anxiety of battery life.

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Amazfit PowerBuds Pro will officially go on sale in multiple channels at 17:00 today, priced at 999 yuan, with the first preferential price of 899 yuan.


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