Amazfit T-Rex 2 Al-Around Flagship outdoor Watch Released


Amazfit, a professional smartwatch brand under Huami Technology, officially released the new outdoor smartwatch product Amazfit T-Rex 2.  Amazfit T-Rex 2 inherits the tough and cool exterior design of the T-Rex outdoor series, the powerful performance certified by military standards, and also has five-star dual-frequency precise positioning, 24-day long battery life, -30 ℃ low temperature mode, 100 meters waterproof, 150+ sports mode blessings, bringing a more professional, hard-core and smarter experience.

Amazfit T-Rex 2 has 4 colors midnight black, star black, jungle green, and earth yellow. The design is inspired by different natural environments such as the earth, ocean, jungle, desert, etc. The overall shape is tough, well-defined, and full of power.

It is equipped with a 1.39-inch AMOLED high-definition color display, which is visible even in strong outdoor light. The bezel of the watch body is made of scratch-resistant metal spraying technology, which is durable and wear-resistant and has a full texture; the design of the anti-silt bridge on the side of the watch body can not only prevent the sand from blocking the air pressure holes but also improve the overall rigidity and strength of the watch.

The 4 large stainless steel metal buttons that have been sandblasted and etched can quickly find the operating position in an outdoor environment; the strap part is made of antibacterial silicone material, which can effectively reduce the probability of allergies. Dry and not sticky.

The hardcore is not only the appearance, but Amazfit T-Rex 2 is built in strict accordance with outdoor standards and has passed 15 military standard certifications such as high and low temperature, acid, salt spray, and impact tests. Whether it is polar glaciers or tropical rainforests, Amazfit T-Rex 2 can handle harsh environments and challenges calmly.

The battery of Amazfit T-Rex 2 has been specially processed, which can not only be stored at extremely low temperatures but can even be used in a low-temperature environment of -30 °C. The core functions such as time, compass, barometric altimeter, and GPS can still be turned on normally.

The 500mAh large battery provides 24 days of long battery life; the waterproof performance level of up to 100 meters, whether it is swimming, snorkeling, or boating and surfing, can be easily dealt with.

Amazfit T-Rex 2 supports Beidou, GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and QZSS five global satellite positioning systems, with faster positioning speed and higher positioning accuracy. In addition to the L1 frequency band, the L5 frequency band has been added this time, which can reduce the ionospheric and ground multipath errors and improve the interference of the external environment on the positioning of the watch. Whether it is in the mountains or the intricate city, it can provide a powerful positioning guarantee.

The outdoor environment is changeable. Amazfit T-Rex 2 has built-in trajectory import, trajectory navigation, real-time trajectory, and barometric altimeter. Users can plan travel routes, or import popular routes to understand routes in real-time.

Amazfit T-Rex 2 supports more than 150 sports modes such as mountaineering, skiing, fishing, etc., and can intelligently identify 8 sports modes and record the corresponding sports data. It can also monitor sports center rate, distance, speed, and calorie consumption in real-time. data.

At the same time, the newly added strength training mode can also intelligently identify 15 types of movements such as bench press, dumbbell, squat, etc. Not only that, but Amazfit T-Rex 2 can also identify the muscle groups corresponding to the training movements, and intuitively present the training content and result.

Amazfit T-Rex 2 is equipped with a variety of sensors, combined with PeakBeats™ professional exercise algorithm, which can present the maximum oxygen uptake (VO? max), recovery time, exercise load (TL) and exercise effect (TE) after each exercise. Data analysis, quantifying exercise data, physical state.

Amazfit T-Rex 2 continues the professional health management gene of the Amazfit Amazfit brand. It is equipped with a 6-channel BioTracker 3.0 PPG high-precision bio-tracking optical sensor developed by Huami Technology, which can easily measure heart rate, blood oxygen, pressure, etc. Respiratory rate and arrhythmia of atrial fibrillation are automatically identified by 5 health indicators so that you can know your health status anytime, anywhere.

At high altitudes, every meter of the climb comes with a risky challenge. Amazfit T-Rex 2 supports intelligent blood oxygen monitoring and will remind us to detect blood oxygen saturation according to altitude changes. At the same time, 24-hour all-weather heart rate monitoring supports high and low heart rate warning and automatic identification of atrial fibrillation and arrhythmia functions, and always pays attention to health.

In addition, Amazfit T-Rex 2 is also equipped with a PAI health assessment system, sleep monitoring, stress monitoring, breathing training, and other functions to protect physical health in an all-around way.

With the built-in multi-function NFC, the watch can also be transformed into a bus card and access control card; the watch also has functions such as offline payment, notification, incoming call, alarm clock, event reminder, etc., making daily life more calm and convenient.

Finally, the price, the Amazfit T-Rex 2 outdoor smartwatch will be officially released at 20:00 on May 31, priced at 1499 yuan. At present, the first Midnight Black and Jungle Green color schemes have been pre-sold simultaneously on Amazfit, Tmall, Xiaomi Youpin, and the official WeChat mall applet platform, and the price is 1399 yuan during the pre-sale period.

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