Amazon released Kindle Fire 10 tablet PC aluminum alloy shell version


Most users have bought Amazon Kindle Fire 10 tablet pc with plastic back cover at the cheap price, but they also complain about the quality of the plastic shell, so Amazon released a Kindle Fire 10 aluminum alloy shell version, but the price still keeps the same as that of plastic version, 16GB at $229.99. Moreover, Amazon has also released ROM 64GB version to store more apps, games, etc at $289.99.


Kindle Fire 10 Tablet PC  aluminum alloy edition has same specs as plastic version, for example, it has 10.1inch 1280×800 screen, 149 PPI, powered by quad core processor,  stereo speakers, 5MP camera, same MicroSD slot supporting 128GB maximum storage expandable.


Amazon claims the durability of Kindle Fire 10 tablet pc is 2 times than Ipad, it has up to 8 hours battery life. Now it provides new alloy shell options and 64gb option for customers to choose. So will give up iPad to choose Kindle?


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