An app is a way forward to a digital revolution


As a result of the pandemic, the world has been spared from total collapse by the digital revolution. Mobile applications play a critical role in helping people maintain their daily routines. Consumer behaviour, shopping patterns and socializing methods tend to change dramatically. The good news is that, even in the thick of the mayhem, everyone has smartphone applications. Social networking, e-banking, grocery shopping, online transactions, communication, and the health sector have assisted people in digitally readjusting to their older lifestyles before the digital revolution. Mobile applications are gaining popularity by the day. Life would have been challenging during the pandemic without these mobile apps. App builders like offer you an app development platform to digitize your businesses. Before we go further into the discussion, get a glimpse of a few applications from various types to understand the subject matter.

When it comes to business continuity, how have enterprise applications helped to ensure it is seamless?

Everything has gone digitalized. People have started to embrace this digital evolution amidst the pandemic and adjusted to a flexible virtual world of work, shopping, and connecting with people. Businesses are thoroughly adapting to the virtual environment. Digital tools like video-calling, communication and business meeting applications have proved to be ab effective medium of connection. By dissolution of physical, these applications have made communication smoother.

The advantages of entertainment apps

In such a difficult time like a pandemic, the social networking apps rescued people. It enabled them to interact with one another during social estrangement electronically. Isolation has been challenging for everybody who had to isolate themselves from others when they came out COVID positive. The entertainment and social apps like TikTok, IG and FB were a saviour in a time like these.

WhatsApp is the most popular social networking app globally, and many apps assist individuals in connecting, collaborating, and communicating more effectively and efficiently. Dating applications are growing popular among the youth. Downloads of game-based apps have surpassed expectations since they have shown to be quite effective in relieving boredom.

How have grocery apps grown this popular?

Food delivery applications rescued the lives of so many folks by making it convenient to shop at times when stores remain close. Food/Grocery delivery applications bring food and other critical goods right to their doorstep. Apps are continually innovating to meet the needs of their customers. These applications have evolved from being an option to being an absolute requirement. They ensure that people do not lose access to vital commodities during the lockdown to deliver a seamless customer experience to those who use them. Grocery delivery apps have begun to pay focus on customer reviews. So, the apps make sure they keep their customers happy and content by staying customer-oriented.

How have healthcare applications proven to be a lifesaver in the most challenging times?

Owing to the pandemic, people have experienced a dire need to stay fit mentally and physically. It is where health and fitness apps come in. People also look forward to health apps that deliver medicines, so they don’t have to step out of the house to get them from the store. Getting a prescription or medicine is as easy as ordering pizza. With a single click, pharmaceuticals reach your doorstep. People have passionately been using fitness apps since the closure of gyms and such places. The fitness experts conduct virtual exercise sessions, either on their live sessions on Instagram or Facebook or via video-based applications to connect with clients. Fitness applications are the most popular among fitness enthusiasts.

Mobile applications are becoming more popular in the health industry, with consumers using them for consultation, initial diagnosis, keeping healthy, and purchasing medications.


With the COVID-19 outbreak, mobile app development has resulted in a digital revolution. Mobile applications caused a digital revolution and became a saviour in the face of this invisible infection that instilled fear in everybody. In light of the pandemic’s extraordinary effect on the whole globe, the world has undertaken a digital revolution due to mobile applications. Smartphone applications have been the forerunner in this endeavour. App builders like help anybody with or without technical knowledge build an app.


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