Anbernic RG351V Handheld Game Console Selling at $119.99


Anbernic has just presented its new console the Anbernic RG351V Game Console. This time it’s a Game Boy-style upright console and we finally have the right aspect ratio for our retro games.

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Measuring 14cm x 9.4cm x 2.68cm, at first glance, the Anbernic RG351V is very reminiscent of a classic GameBoy or even a GameBoy Color. But it’s in the details that you notice that we have something really unique in our hands. Available in white, translucent black, and imitation wood models, the console is fully prepared to run the most varied emulators in a comfortable way, including some that have more buttons than the device presents. On the back of the console, where the cartridge slot on classic GameBoys would be, we have the R1, R2, L1, L2 buttons. Using the classic design to include slightly more modern buttons was a very smart move. Mainly because the buttons have a height difference between them so that we can differentiate the “2” from the “1”.


The sound output of the Anbernic RG351V, on the other hand, may not be one of the best. Mainly because it is in a single place, just below the buttons A, B, X, and Y. Depending on the size of the user’s hand, it is possible that it may muffle this output a little, but nothing that affects the game. The speaker on the device, luckily, is quite loud. What makes up for this questionable position of the sound output a little.


If you hold the RG351M and then the RG351V in your hands, the next thing you notice is the screen according to the form factor. This is not only slightly larger but has more than almost twice as many pixels. In addition, the aspect ratio is 4: 3 like an old tube television. This means that TV consoles like the PlayStation, Super Nintendo and Mega Drive completely fill the screen. Last but not least, all pixels of the emulated 4: 3 titles are actually displayed. So it’s not primarily the size, but above all the number of pixels that makes the difference here. This is all due to the fact that the modified EmuELEC system used by Anbernic in this device is too heavy (and too broken).

Taking into account only this system that comes from the factory in the Anbernic RG351V , we could consider it a terrible portable console. But, as said earlier, the device’s operating system is based on Linux and is totally open to modification. And hence its greatest asset: you can customize it in the way you see fit. Most of the exorbitant platforms mentioned work very well with all of their games. There are still several tutorials on the internet teaching how to configure other platforms to run on Anbernic RG351V . Including there also ports made by fans of games like Diablo 2 and Shovel Knight for example. The possibilities that the console presents with the right settings are indeed impressive.

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Buy Anbernic RG351V on Geekbuying


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