Andoer HDV-302S 3.0 Inch LCD Screen 1080P 30FPS 20MP DV Camera Hands on Review(Coupon Avails)


Today we’re going to review the Andoer HDV-302S FULL HD Digital Camcorder, sold on Camfere for $69.99USD. This cam can record at Full HD 30FPS 1080p video, as well as other resolutions such at 30/60FPS 720P and can also capture still pictures upto 20MP interpolated using a 5mp image sensor. The video and camera are assisted with its 16x Digital zoom & lens that has a focal distance of 7.36mm and an aperture size of F/3.2 and It can take a standard size SD card up to 32gb.



Inside we have the English user manual, a MiniHDMI Cable, Remote Control, MiniUSB Cable, Audio Cable, the 3.7v 1250mAh battery and the Camera with Carrying Case. While this comes with only 1 battery, don’t be worried, you will be able to easily find replacement batteries for this unit, as the NP-40 is used in Casio and HP as well. However make sure you don’t confuse this with the Fujifilm NP40 because it will not work. We would suggest you purchase a separate battery charger as well, as this camera only charges the battery within the camera itself using MicroUSB Cable which can be slow.


Looking at the camera itself it has a 3.0 Inch LCD display that can be rotated in many ways. It is also a resistive touchscreen, so while there are manual navigation/option buttons on the side of the unit, you can easily control nearly everything by touchscreen.  On the top we have the zoom in and out knob as well as a still photo button. And on the back panel we have the video record button and the TV & HDMI output as well as the MiniUSB port which is used for data transfer as well as charging the actual unit. Lastly on the front of the camera we have the lens cap, the image sensor itself as well at the two Infrared blasters I mentioned earlier, which will allow you to record in very poor lighting conditions or in night vision mode.


As for operation, the unit will either turn on itself when you open the 3 inch display or you can manually turn it on by holding the power button found on the side panel. On the display it will show you your current settings at the top of the screen. If you want to access or adjust them all you need to do is press the menu button. Here you can adjust such things as the resolution and video quality, the white balance and metering. On the settings page you can enable or disable system sounds, toggle Auto review, Adjust the power frequency, set your power saving time, set the date and time and change the language and video format between PAL and NTSC


Overall the Andoer HDV-302S is an affordable and nice looking unit that feels great in the hand to hold. It has a 3 inch touchscreen which will definitely help navigate the settings of the device. It comes with a wide variety of cables allowing you the choice of output devices as well as a very common sized battery which will allow you to cheaply and easily replace if you need. Please check back later when we take some sample videos with this device and post them for you to see! Don’t forget to use the 10usd off coupon code: HDVANDOER10 at $59.99, it will end until December 14th.


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