Android 13 will Support the exFAT file System Natively


Android 13 supports the Extended File Allocation Table File System (exFAT) File System for the first time, enabling the device to process files larger than 4GB on the disk.

Mishaal Rahman, technology editor at Esper, found his Pixel 6 Pro upgraded from Android 12L to Android 13 beta with support for the exFAT file system. That means that if you’re using an ExFAT-formatted usb stick, SD card or other storage device, the Pixel 6 phone with Android 13 will support them natively. Users have to use paid exFAT plugins like Paragon.

Igeekphone has learned that exFAT is a flash-friendly file system introduced by Microsoft in Windows Embeded 5.0 and above (including Windows CE 5.0, 6.0, Windows Mobile5, 6, 6.1), In order to solve FAT32 and other do not support 4G and larger files and launched. For flash, NTFS file systems are not suitable, exFAT is more suitable.

Samsung is one of several Android Oems whose devices may already support the exFAT file system because they pay Microsoft.


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