Android 14 First Revealed More Smoothly and Stably


Android 13 is scheduled to go into Beta after Google’S I/O conference in May, when other Oems besides the Pixel are expected to be approved for upgrades.

While most users haven’t tried Android 13 yet, the first signs of Android 14 are starting to emerge.

In AOSP, developers dug into Android 14’s internal development code-named Upside Down Cake. If you like western desserts, you probably know this. When a cake is baked, the bottom of the cake is turned upside down. It is usually served with slices of fruit, caramel and pound cake.

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While it’s unclear what the cute name has to do with the build itself, TR says Android 14 will continue to improve support for multitasking, eSIM technology, and the system will be smoother and more stable. The direction seems to be the same as Android 13.


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