Android 14 is Expected to Support the SONY PS5 DualSense Edge Elite Controller


Google appears to be introducing support for SONY’s DualSense Edge controller in Android 14, The PS5’s existing DualSense wireless gamepad only needs macOS Big Sur 11.3, iOS/iPadOS 14.5, tvOS 14.5, and Android 12 to support it.

Mishaal Rahman found that the Android 14 code added a layout file for DualSense Edge, providing the smartphone with basic support for the gamepad. This means that the next generation of Android 14 will bring more advanced controller support for gamers, where the press of a button will map corresponding input commands.

He also notes that in order to use the Dualsense Edge gamepad, your device will need to apply the latest hid-playstation kernel patch to properly support it. This is because a new product ID is built into DualSense Edge, so the existing hid-playstation driver doesn’t work yet.

While this might mean you’ll be able to play games with SONY’s DualSense Edge “Elite controller” on an Android 14 phone, Igeekphone says this isn’t really necessary. Not to mention the control experience, I believe the price of 1,599 yuan is enough to dissuade a large number of players.

According to the release, the new features in the elite model of SONY’s DualSense Edge include:

Rocker sensitivity and dead zone adjustment, trigger key path and dead zone adjustment;

Multiple control profiles can be saved simultaneously for use in different games;

With special Fn button, help users quickly switch between different control profiles, adjust the game Settings;

Has 3 replaceable rocker caps and 2 replaceable back keys;

Rocker module can be replaced to extend handle life (purchase separately).

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Meanwhile, the DualSense Edge gamepad will also support all the features of the DualSense gamepad, including a built-in microphone, adaptive trigger, tactile feedback vibration and more. The DualSense Edge controller will come with a rocker cap, a back key, and a USB Type-C charging cable that locks into the controller so you don’t shake the cable too hard in wired mode.


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