Android Nougat 7.0 MIUI 9 ROM Download Including All Supported MI Devices


We are giving a brief information about the release date of MIUI 9 and features of it and the devices which are getting it.So let’s start.First talk about the MIUI.
On the very basic, it is a Chinese customised version of the Android OS, built from stock with additional goodies taken from manufacturer modifications like Samsung’s TouchWiz launcher, iPhone’s looks and the full potential of Android 2.2 platform.

MIUI 9 Rom Download, Supported Devices, Features and Release Date [Nougat 7.0] If you were to translate the name ‘MIUI’ to English, it would probably sound something like ‘meeooee’. This ROM was initially developed only for Chinese users, based on the FroYo build of Android and totally localized with Chinese locale and language. The group behind the ROM had no intention of bringing it to other devices at the beginning, but as of now, several ports have surfaced for various other devices and with translations.

#Features Of Xiaomi MIUI 9

MIUI 9 will be based on Android Nougat

According to some reports MIUI 9 will come with Android Nougat.Almost every xiaomi phone will get MIUI 9 but not Devices such as Redmi 2 prime will get Update of MIUI 9 but not Android Nougat.

Devices List getting and not getting Miui 9

MIUI 9 Global Public Beta ROM Supported Devices

The first batch of supported devices: 

1.Redmi Note 4 Qualcomm/ Redmi Note 4X.
2.Mi 6.

The second batch of supported devices: 

1. Mi MIX
2. Mi Note 2
3. Mi 5
4. Mi 5s
4. Mi 5s Plus
5. Mi Max 2
6. Mi Max
7. Redmi 4/4X.

The third batch of supported devices: 

1. Redmi 2
2. Redmi 2 Prime
3. Mi 3
4. Mi 4
5. Redmi Note 3 Qualcomm
6. Redmi Note 3 Special Edition
7. Redmi Note 4 MTK
8. Mi 4i
9. Redmi Note 2
10. Redmi Note Prime
11. Mi 2/2S
12. Mi Note
13. Redmi 3/Prime
14. Redmi 3S/Prime
15. Redmi 4A

Download MIUI ROM (Fastboot/ Recovery flashable zip)
1. Mi 5
Fastboot (1121M)
Fastboot (1626M)

Recovery (1340M)

13. Redmi Note 4G
Fastboot (1019M)

Recovery (550M)

14. Redmi Note 2

Fastboot (1342M)

Recovery (943M)

15. Mi Max Prime 64G/128G
Fastboot (1658M)

Recovery (1380M)

16. Redmi Note 4

Fastboot (1591M)

Recovery (1256M)

17. Redmi Note 4X/ Redmi Note 4 Qualcomm
Fastboot (2082M)

Recovery ( 1454M)

18. Redmi Note 4G

Fastboot (954M)

Recovery (484M)

19. Mi Note 2
Fastboot (1544M)

Recovery (1263M)

20. Mi 5s

Fastboot (1507M)

Recovery ( 1234M)

21. Redmi 4X
Fastboot (1802M)

Recovery (1218M)

22. Mi 5s Plus
Fastboot (1554M)

25. Redmi 3S

Recovery (1233M)

MIUI 9 Global Beta ROM 7.8.10 Full Changelog

MIUI 9 Lightning fast

New – Deep-level system optimizations (08-07)
New – New icons (08-07)
New – New animations for launching and exiting apps (08-07)
New – Simpler Home screen editing (08-07)
New – Introducing Split screen (08-07)
New – Improved Silent mode triggered by the volume button (08-07)
New – Improved readability for the start page of Messaging (08-07)

Optimization – Devices with rare Bluetooth profiles are hidden in the device list (07-25)

New – Search for apps in the Dual apps settings (08-03)

Note: The above info is about MIUI Global Beta ROM, please click here to check the latest update for MIUI China Developer ROM.

MIUI 9 Features

Multi-window support

Some recent reports also says that it will also support Multi window.Multi window means you can use apps side by side as you can able to use in your PC and Laptops.This feautres is complety awesome.

Dual space feature in MIUI 9

Dual space feature is also present in MIUI 8 and it will also able to MIUI 9.This feature lets you do the work of two smartphones on one. It lets you have two Google accounts that you can switch whenever you please. By switching on the Second Space feature, and setting up a new account, users can keep their business and personal accounts separate, but on one smartphone. It allows users to switch between accounts through a Switch app, that shows up once the Second Space feature is enabled.Dual apps means you can use two whatsapp in a phone or two facebooks in a phone

Quick Ball

This features is also available in MIUI 8 as well as MIUI 9The Quick Ball is nothing but a hovering button that stays on the display screen at all times. Users can customise five shortcuts into the ball, and it reminds you very much of Apple’s Assistive Touch. The Quick Ball button also shows up on the lock screen, enabling users to use to shortcuts even on a locked smartphone.

Quick-reply from notifications in Xiaomi MIUI 9

This feaute is completly amazing as this features will save your  time.As soon as you update your device to MIUI 9,you can directly reply to the notifications which you can see in the notification bar.we can also say that this feature is replica of Apple Iphones.

RAM optimization in MIUI 9

You will be happy after seeing the RAM optimization feature which is missing in MIUI 8.RAM optimitization will help you to make your phone faster than before.

Battery Saving Feature

Everyone knows that Xiaomi devices will give you a higher battery back than any other phone in their segment such as Redmi Note 4 which can last up to 9 hours on screen on time with mixed usage.

Steps TO INSTALL MIUI 9 in Xiaomi Devices

1.Connect your device to the Windows PC/laptop via a micro USB cable, and copy the ROM file downloaded in Step 1 into the folder ‘downloaded_rom’ in the internal storage of your device.
Launch ‘Updater’ app on your device:

2.MIUI 6/7/8:Click the ‘…’ icon at the top-right corner, select ‘Choose update package’, and choose the ROM file you’ve put in ‘downloaded_rom’ in Step 2.

3.MIUI V5:Press the Menu button, select ‘Choose update package’, and choose the ROM file you’ve put in ‘downloaded_rom’ in Step 2.

4.After choosing the right ROM file, your device will begin upgrading. Your device should automatically boot to the new version when the update is completed.

5.After choosing the right ROM file, your device will begin upgrading. Your device should automatically boot to the new version when the update is completed.

6.If you see the following image after rebooting, it means that you have succeeded in flashing MIUI ROM.

Source: MIUI Forum

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