Anet E10 3D Printer DIY Kit with 8GB TF Card Design, Features Review (Coupon Inside)


3D printing is becoming more and more accessible to the mass consumer, thanks to the declining prices of the so-called ” 3D printers. Undoubtedly, this is one of the most promising and fast-paced technologies with all kinds of applications, prototype printing. The Anet printers high-end motors will work efficiently to complete your printing needs without creating noise. The aluminum metal structure of the Anet printer will enable you to effortlessly print your 3D structures without any complications. Anet E10 3D printer is a large format, budget, almost pre-built machine, it can satisfy all your large model 3D printing needs. It is capable of 3D printing the most popular thermoplastics available on the market, including PLA, ABS, TPU, copper, wood, carbon fiber, gradient color and etc. The Anet E10 3D Printer DIY Kit looks very promising and at the same time available at an affordable price for the end user – about $304.99 at the moment (with a special $15 Coupon Code: HTY15D) from the online retailer Tomtop.


The Anet E10 is a classical 3D printer with a large size and easy to use with an aluminum alloy frame that works on an additive FDN technology, applying the layer by layer. The design of the kit allows quick installation. In addition to containing Aluminum in the frame, 3D printer board platform also uses Aluminum. The supported printing field is large enough, where you can print 3D objects up to 270 x 220 x 300mm. The large print surface will satisfy even the most demanding user. It gives the ability to print large objects, a feature that the majority of printers in its class cannot support. A distinctive 3D printer, modern and easy to use with simple features and large print size. It has a large and easy-to-read screen. Anet E10 Equipped with a 0.4mm nozzle, the E10, guarantees smooth-surface and flawless finishes. You can print at a resolution of 100 microns for professional results. Another thing that became Anet’s mainstay in this E10 series is the LCD screen which size is quite relieved. The design is also more clean and simple impression when compared with other Anet products, such as the Anet A8 series for example.

Impress the Anet E10 3D Printer DIY Kit console housing the LCD screen, mainboard and power supply unit (PSU 240W). The thread roll is also mounted on it. A power contact with a switch is also provided, as it was missing from the manufacturer’s previous 3D kits. Another useful element is the pre-installed X and Y axis tensioners, which eliminates the need for the user to make its own improvements.


The printer works at a high temperature – 240 ° C maximum for the nozzle and 105 ° C maximum for the bed – and prints accurately, with a layer thickness of 0.1-04 mm and a speed of 40-120 mm / s. The E10 can work continuously for 48 hours and is relatively quiet. A cooling fan is also provided to reduce the heat when needed. The 3D printer is equipped with a Bowden extruder, but it does not have a full metal end, which prevents printing at temperatures above 240 ° C (adding more power to the model can solve this problem). There is no mention of pre-installed MOSFETs that heat and maintain a constant bed temperature above 60 ° C. In general, the E10 is a great applause to the previous Anet DIY kits and the best of all for that price. A big advantage is the availability of a proprietary power supply unit (PSU) as it is missing from previous models. In addition, the printer can also work offline by providing a slot for TF cards.

The Anet E10 is equipped with a sturdy aluminum frame and can print 3D objects with a size up to 22cm x 27cm x 30cm, so big! This printer can handle multiple types of material such as ABS, HIPS, and PLA. With this printer, you can easily load 3D objects via USB or via an SD card to print. The application area is infinite! In addition, there are gradually more and more sites online where you can find ready-made 3D drawings for printing! As a result, you no longer need technical knowledge to make the ‘difficult’ 3D drawings! The package is a so-called DIY package, which means that you have to assemble the printer yourself. With this printer, that is easy to do yourself in a few steps.


The Anet E10 3D Printer DIY Kit boasts an extremely large print size, housed in a durable, all-aluminum frame. Every component is made of the highest quality materials for long-lasting durability. For the first time, Anet has chosen to embed all the power and control modules in a separate control box, eliminating the clutter of messy wiring. The electronics used in the E10 are tried and true, ensuring quality prints for years to come. Anet E10 3D Printer DIY Kit is available now for $304.99, as this price is valid for entering the special Coupon Code: HTY15D, with which the device can be bought with $15 cheaper. but this Coupon Code Only for Germany warehouse Delivery is from Tomtop warehouse in Germany.


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