Anker Soundcore Life P3 TWS Earphones Now at $63.81 [Summer Sale]


Anker has significantly increased the functionality of the Anker Soundcore Life P3. This is mainly due to the app connection of the listeners, which provides three ANC and two transparency profiles, a special gaming mode and versatile sound adjustment options. The new touch control can also be set up according to your own needs via app.

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All-rounder is presented in bright colors in sky blue, coral pink, champagne white, night black and ocean blue and is again supplied with ear tips in five different sizes so that the in-ears can be individually adjusted. A comfortable, long-term fit and the weight of five and a half grams per side have also remained. On the other hand, the water resistance of the system has decreased, although the Life P3 should still be adequately protected from rain outdoors according to IPX5. Anker Soundcore Life P3 is a completely wireless earphone equipped with Anker’s ultra noise canceling and external sound capture function, and the body design and specifications are similar to Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro. The sound quality is a sharp sound that allows you to enjoy rich bass, and it is more than enough for earphones in this price range.

Noise Canceling

The noise canceling performance is quite good for earphones in this price range, and it will drown out the engine noise and road noise of the car. The noise of the air conditioner of the air conditioner disappears properly, but it cannot be completely eliminated when the maximum air volume is set.

Sound Quality

Soundcore Life P3 adopts a large-diameter 11mm size driver equivalent to the higher model Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro and Soundcore A2 NC . It’s amazing that earphones in this price range use drivers over 10mm. The sound quality of Soundcore Life P3 is excellent in the midrange near the bass, and it is suitable for music and Western music where male vocals stand out. In addition, the voice and lines are easy to hear, and the sound quality is thick, so it is ideal for watching movies.

Wireless Charging

You can use the included USB-A to C cable to charge with the power adapter that comes with your smartphone such as an iPhone, and since it also supports USB-C PD charging, it has a USB-C port. You can also charge from your mobile laptop. In addition, it supports wireless charging as well as cable charging, so you can also charge using a Qi compatible wireless charger.


You can adjust the volume with one tap, and you can operate the song with two taps. You can switch on / off the noise canceling function and the external sound capture function by pressing and holding for 2 seconds. It is also possible to customize the tap assignment by installing the dedicated application “Soundcore” on the smartphone. If you want to operate it easily with one tap, you can customize it to your own style by installing the dedicated application Soundcore on your smartphone.

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Where To Buy

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