Anker Soundcore Motion Boom Speaker Sales at $108.78 [Super Sale]


ANKER? Maybe you didn’t know, but it is a global leader in filling technology. They were based on top-quality chargers, cables, wireless chargers, and car chargers. In their assortment, they have an offer for phones, tablets, and laptops. With the Anker Soundcore Motion Boom, you want to fill larger rooms or the outside air when you meet up with friends. The speaker particularly “likes” to play party music and is well suited for this occasion.

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When you first get hands-on with the Soundcore Motion Boom, the rather cheap look of the device is noticeable: the housing, like the partially rubberized handle, is made of black plastic, which leaves an impression of little quality. However, the matte surface is easy to clean, as is the metal mesh that covers the actual front speakers. Two rubber feet on the bottom of the speaker ensure good stability so that the Soundcore Motion Boom does not slip on smooth surfaces, even at higher volumes. Anker has not equipped the volume and quiet buttons with a backlight, but the other buttons are easy to see in the dark or low ambient light. The Soundcore Motion Boom is certified according to the IPX7 standard, which means that it should easily withstand immersion in one meter of water for 30 minutes.


If you operate the Motion Boom ex-works, the bass is probably too weak for you. If you press the button, you help. Alternatively, you can use the Soundcore app’s equalizer, for example, to emphasize the bass. So you have two options here that will get you enough bass. So don’t worry about that. Especially not when you turn up the volume. Then the Motion Boom shows its strengths, voluminous sound with a lot of booms and very audible singing – ideal for the party in the park or garden.


A 4200 mAh battery is responsible for the energy supply, which according to the manufacturer should provide up to 8 hours of gaming fun. The operating system is called Emuelec 4.3 and can certainly be further modified by resourceful modders. In addition, the console supports WLAN for wireless data transmission, multiplayer, etc.


The Soundcore app for Android and iOS allows for minor audio profile tweaks and firmware updates. It is possible to combine two Motion Booms to create a stereo pair. We haven’t tested this feature, but clearly, it would provide much better stereo separation than what is obtained from a single speaker, as well as a gain in power. As usual with most Bluetooth boxes, we also connect the Soundcore Motion Boom to a smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled playback device via Bluetooth 5.0. All you have to do is press the Bluetooth button on the speaker to connect the box to the device.

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Verdict & Buy

The Motion Boom is highly recommendable, especially if you’re looking for a loudspeaker capable of pumping out the big sound without being as bulky as “real” boomboxes like those from JBL and Ultimate Ears. Admittedly, the Motion Boom doesn’t sound as good or powerful as these speakers, but it’s much easier to transport. You can grab Anker Soundcore Motion Boom Speaker now on AliExpress For Just $108.78 on Super sale. Click the following button to order now:

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