Antutu Released 2017 Top 10 Smartphones Rankings


In 2017, there have been many amazing new products in the mobile phone industry. People enjoy the great changes and conveniences that mobile phones bring to life. However, in actual use, each person’s understanding and positioning of mobile phones are different, resulting in the views and evaluation of mobile phones are not the same.So today we bring 10 most popular smartphones of 2017 with the highest AnTuTu Rating and also a top 10 list of Android smartphones with the highest iOS Rating.

The number of praise more proportion, the higher and favorable rate; data collection time is from January 1 to 31 December of 2017.

First of all, let’s first understand who gets the highest Android mobile phone rate. Throughout the year, Oneplus’s Smartphone was a stunning and its flagship Smartphone Oneplus 5, winning the 95.37%, it became the Android Smartphone with the highest annual favorable rate. Followed by Oneplus 3 (94.28%) and 3T (92.69%) were the 2nd and 4th place good results. Ranked 3rd in the Meizu Pro 6 Plus listed at the end of 2016, the favorable rate of 93.99%, the aircraft has been named Antutu several times on the monthly top praise.

Year list, a total of 4 Smartphones of Xiaomi short-listed, the highest ranking is the Mi Max (92.54%, 5th), the flagship Mi 6 ranked 9th, praise rate of 91.42%, in the average user to pump a lot of Redmi series Redmi Note 3 (92.37%, 7th place) and Redmi 4 (90.17%, 10th position) are listed. The last 2 models in the list are Samsung Galaxy S8 series, of which the Galaxy S8 favorable rate was 92.40%, ranked 6th; Galaxy S8 + favorable rate of 92.12%, ranked 8th.

Some popular models, including Oneplus 5T, Samsung Galaxy Note8, iPhone 8 and iPhone Xcannotot be listed on the Android and iOS charts because they fail to meet the finalists’ criteria for the whole year.

Followed by the iOS

Among the currently available iOS handsets, the iPhone 6s Plus boasts the highest user ratings of 97.67%, and is also the most highly acclaimed model for 2017, making it one of the most classic iPhone models ever. Ranked 2nd in the iPhone SE, favorable rate of 97. 50%; only listed in 2017, although the iPhone 8 Plus also rated as high as 97.46%, but only ranked 3rd in the iOS list.

As for the other models on the list followed by iPhone 6s (96.98%, 4th place), iPhone 7 (96.79%, 5thifth place), iPhone 6 (96.33%, 6th place), iPhone 7 Plus (95.56% 7th place) and iPhone 6 Plus (95.53%, 8th place).

After reading the list we have not found that people are now in the choice of mobile phones are gradually tilting to the high-end models? Overall, although the recent iPhone mobile phone negative exposure, but in its sale of several models in the domestic users still higher than the praise Android users, high-end models in the choice of iPhone is still the preferred consumer choice One, followed by the Samsung mobile phone.

Domestic mobile phone brands shine in 2017, full screen design set off a race across the industry. At the same time, domestic mobile phones have basically reached the level of performance of international manufacturers, such as Oneplus mobile phones, Android monthly list often appear as “the highest rankings” identity. Middle and low-end models in the field, Redmi, Meizu and other domestic brands to achieve a stronger performance and lower prices. The above is what we bring to you this issue list content, if you want to get more phone list information, please go to Antutu‘s official website to understand.

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