ANYX Launches New Vaping Product ANYX PRO


ANYX, a user-driven brand,recently announced the launch of its brand during the Vaper Expo UK 2022. The company today announces the release of the world’s first dual-mode closed pod system, ANYX PRO, which is aimed to exceed consumers’ expectations with its unique and innovative design as well as a superior user experience.

ANYX PRO showcases its exquisite look and impressive performance

Industry professionals and experienced vapers were impressed by ANYX PRO’s refined appearance and comfortable touch. The combination of a metal-based body and the flowing light that flickers at a constant frequency when users inhale the vapor complements the product’s ergonomic design with fantastic colors and a delicate feel.

Dual mode vape creates a flavorful experience

As the world’s first true dual-mode closed pod system, ANYX PRO is equipped with the MCU intelligent temperature control chip, delivering an instant but notably different experience, depending on the chosen mode: the strong and dense taste of Turbo mode, alongside the delicate and soft experience of Normal mode. ANYX PRO is designed to satisfy the diverse preferences of vapers, promising a richer taste experience.

SENSIT Coil technology restores the richness

The leveraging of SENSIT Coil technology and the selection of premium quality cotton composite materials combine to assure the rapid delivery of the e-juice as well as the stability and precision in the control of the liquid flow, addressing user expectations of feeling their mouth fill with the vapor instantly. In addition, the technology prevents e-juice leakage and composition changes caused by the volatilization of e-juice.

Coil-e-liquid separation structure ensures fresh sensation of flavor

To deal with the aging of atomizers that can degrade the user experience, ANYX PRO adopts a coil-e-liquid separation structure, which prevents the flavor change caused by the prolonged contact between the coil used for e-juice storage and the atomized liquid. When in use, the product not only guarantees the fresh flavor delivered by the vaporizer, but also effectively avoids the leakage of atomized liquid.

Child lock designed for peace of mind and enhanced safety

In a move to maximize safety and reliability, ANYX PRO comes with the child lock feature to prevent minors from handling and using the product.

10 new flavors bring endless surprises

With a focus on user preferences, ANYX launches 10 new flavors. Before the launch of ANYX PRO, ANYX invited experienced vapers and industry professionals to join in the ANYX community flavor testing parties. The lineup of innovative flavors, all of which are enhanced by the MCU intelligent temperature control chip and SENSIT Coil technology, received positive feedback from test participants.

The new flavors provide users with more choices and an ultimate taste experience, while demonstrating ANYX’s capabilities at innovation.

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