AOHi Modular Extension Cable Set Review: Cool and Creative


Owning various USB cables of different lengths is somewhat unavoidable until the day when cables can morph into any desired length. However, the AOHi Modular Extension Cable Set is a unique solution to this problem. This set comprises interchangeable cables that can be combined to form the desired length.

Recently, AOHI sent us this Modular Extension Cable Set for review. This set is MFi certified, capable of supporting up to 240W charging, and boasts an impressive level of durability, capable of withstanding up to 30,000 bends. Furthermore, the cables have been E-mark certified to guarantee stable and efficient charging.

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The AOHI Modular Extension Cable Set has the ability to customize the length for many different use situations, meticulously finished, integrated with a charging LED indicator, with a maximum charging capacity of 240W, priced at about 110 USD. Below, the cables in the kit will be introduced one by one.

Here is the unboxing

We begin the review of this cable in front of its black cardboard box which is quite large, I have never used such a large package for a single cable. Generally, the cable is packaged in a cardboard box, and the cable is thrown away when it is taken out. The way to open the box is magnetic suction. If you don’t use the wire for a long time, you can take it back to prevent dust.

Open the box to see what’s inside, from left to right are an 80cm USB-C extension cable, a 10cm C-to-C data cable, a 170cm USB-C spring cable, and a 10cm individually packaged lightning data cable. There is also a spare nut and silicone storage case.

The box cover also informs the specific information of the wires and how to combine them and provides the maximum pulling force of the wires.

Let’s look at the wires separately

The first is the 170cm spring wire in the delay line. The wires are all made of liquid silicone, and the feel is quite good. One end of the extension cable is USB-C, and the other end is the strip is the female USB-C port.

Insert the two data USB-C and C-heads that you want to splice into, and you can extend the charging cable. The more clever thing is that the female port has a detachable threaded connection structure. After inserting the wire, it is fixed by the thread. It can be connected together quite stably and reliably. If you store it, you can directly connect the male and female heads and you’re done.

The 80cm extension cable is generally used in my office. Since my monitor supports 90W recoil, I usually plug in this cable directly and then replace the USB-C or L port according to the device I need to charge.

The 10cm USB-C cable is also the focus of this time because it is very convenient to hold it in your hand and charge it with a power bank.

The lighting cable is packaged separately, and the cable length is also 10cm.

The two wires provided make it unnecessary to carry so many wires on business trips.

The last is the silicone storage bag. When you travel, you can store all the wires in it, so you don’t have to carry so many wires, which is very convenient.

There is also a description of the usage scenarios here, and we will test them one by one later.

Take another look at the threaded connection connecting the two wires, it is relatively secure, and it is impossible to break it without using a particularly large destructive force.

Testing with power banks, Smartphones, and Notebook

The first usage scenario is smartphone charging with a power bank. Compared with longer wires, the advantage of short wires is that they won’t scratch any strange things when they are short. Even if I just throw it in my pocket, I don’t need to worry about whether the wire will scratch something and my phone will be scraped out and dropped.

In the case of daily office use, it can be charged directly after connecting the monitor, and there is no need to arrange a charging head.

Of course, if it is a USB-C charging device such as an Android phone or a headset, you only need to replace the cable. Compared with unplugging the cable and plugging it in again, the convenience of this operation is simply MAX.

If you want to lie on a chair and play with your phone while charging, add a spring cable and it will be OK.

If there is still a need for a notebook here, it is OK to connect it directly. Of course, you still need a GaN charger, but you don’t need to bring the original notebook charger.

The charging efficiency is about more than 90W. Due to the use of the extension cable, there is still a little loss. If you directly use the 0.7cm wire, it will generally maintain about 90W.

There will be three colors of blue and yellow when charging, which represent normal charging, fast charging, and full charging respectively. It is very intuitive to see what the state is currently charging.

Other usage scenarios

In addition to the aforementioned short-term use with power banks, there are more usage scenarios in daily use. For example, we can put the wire in the car. Basically, with such a data cable in hand, no matter where your charging interface is or where you sit in the car, the wire can easily cover the whole car.

For another example, we can put the power bank in the bag we use every day, and use a spring wire to pull and shrink it at will. Whether it is a satchel, backpack, or waist bag, we can easily hold it when using the smartphone, or when not in use. Put it in the bag in a compact state, and the wire will not be messy.

In addition, in terms of fast charging compatibility, in addition to iPhone devices, smartphones such as OPPO, Realme, and Huawei phones can achieve fast charging after being plugged into the original adapter, and the compatibility is still very good.


All the wire ends in the AOHi Modular Extension Cable Set are molded in-mold to fit flatly at the joints of the wire body. They are all braided wire body designs, which is more wear-resistant and bend-resistant, and the wire is soft; it also has a rubber storage box, which is more convenient to carry and store when traveling.

the performance of this line is actually good in all aspects, which can be long or short. Bringing this set of wires can almost support the power supply of Smartphone peripherals and other devices, and you don’t need to force a bunch of wires.

A small minus point here is that this charging cable does not have a charging cord with USB-A to USB-C output standard. In fact, there are many phone chargers from Xiaomi, Vivo, or OPPO that still only use the USB-A output standard. Therefore, the integration of AOHi with a USB-A to USB-C cable will help users make the most of older chargers, increasing the charging efficiency.

Buy From Official AOHi Store and Save $20

Overall, with a price of about 110 USD, AOHi Modular Extension Cable Set is a very interesting and unique product. This charging cable set features a high-end design, quality perfection, and versatile operation depending on the user’s charging needs. This deserves to be a useful item or a decoration on your desk.

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