Apple Considers iPhone 9 and SE2 Equipped New A13 Processor


Apple is getting ready for a new iPhone 9 phone with an A13 processor and an appearance just like that of the iPhone 8.

According to overseas media reports, supply Jon Prosser found out from an Apple employee that this new machine does no longer seem to be named “iPhone 9” or “iPhone SE 2”, but is definitely called “iPhone”.

This technique may seem strange, however, there are some lines to follow. The same exists within the modern iPad product line with none numeric suffix. According to outside analysis, Apple may do this to pave the manner for the destiny iPhone Air / iPhone Pro.

The iPhone 9 will be equipped with Apple’s own A13 processor, which is also the most attractive part of the device, but unfortunately, the device does not support 5G functions. In terms of the memory combination of the new phone, the iPhone 9 will start with a 3GB + 64GB memory combination. The new phone will have a maximum of 3GB + 128GB memory combination coming. Whether it is also caused by the selling price. The price of the new phone is also very attractive.

In terms of price, the new “iPhone” 64GB is priced at $ 399, 128GB is priced at $ 450. And the Bank of China or 3288 yuan will start selling.

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Yesterday, the so-called “iPhone 9 smartphone” hands-on video flowed out. The shape is certainly no one of a kind from the iPhone 8. And a reference to the green model of the iPhone 11 changed into added, quite lively and young.

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