Apple Foldable Phone Confirmed: High-Pixel Screen, Four-Cameras


Recently, the news about Apple’s new phone is much different. Not only the iPhone 12 series but also several new series of iPhones have been exposed. These new phones are very distinctive. This also reflects that the current iPhone has started a new one. Adjustment. Among the newly exposed new phone, the most striking is the new foldable products. After all, the Android market is already in use, and Apple is still in the research and development stage. It is indeed somewhat backward, so Apple foldable phones will be Apple’s first new product released next year. At present, the news of the iPhone folding new phone is basically exposed. The configuration and appearance of the new phone are basically confirmed. Then let’s take a look at this new Apple fold to look like?   Apple foldable adopts a design similar to Samsung. In the front design of the new phone, Apple can fold and adopt the design scheme of Liu Haiping. It seems that Apple has been unable to give up the design concept of Liu Hai, and the screen ratio of the front of the whole phone is very high. The high, the outside of the new phone is also equipped with a screen, the internal screen size is larger, the effect is also better, but the specific supplier has not confirmed. In the back design of the new phone, Apple can be folded using the Yuba four photos, located in the upper left corner of the phone, the back of the new phone is made of some glass material, the back of the phone still has the design concept of the Apple family. In terms of the overall design of the new phone, the new Apple foldable adopts a very similar design of Samsung, and the appearance of the whole phone is quite excellent.

Apple foldable will be equipped with Apple’s latest A14 processor. The current news of this processor is only the exposure stage, so the specific performance will be released after the release, but it can be confirmed that the new phone will support 5G network functions. After all, it is impossible to say that it will not be supported in 2020. In terms of the memory combination of the new phone, Apple foldable will start with a 6GB + 256GB memory combination, the new phone will have a 6GB + 512GB memory combination, this memory combination is also very top.

In the camera combination of the new phone, the new Apple folding phone will be equipped with a rear-mounted single 48 Megapixels plus a single 12 Megapixels plus a single ToF four-shot combination, and in front of the new phone On the camera, the unit will be equipped with a single 12-megapixel front camera. In terms of other configurations of the new phone, this time Apple Folding will support facial recognition, fast charging, NFC and other functions.

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In terms of the release time of the new phone, Apple Foldable Phone will officially arrive in the second half of next year, but whether it will be unveiled at the new product launch conference in the fall is still a mystery, but it should be launched on time from the current progress. In terms of the price of the new phone, this time Apple foldable will locate the high-end flagship market, and the price of the new phone is also very top. the new Apple folding new phone starts. The price will be 21999 yuan, this price is also creating a new high in the current foldable mobile phone market, but the final price of the new phone has yet to be confirmed after the press conference.

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