Apple iOS/iPadOS 16.5 Developer Preview Beta Released


Apple today pushed the iOS 16.5 Developer Preview Beta Update (internal version: 20F5028e) and iPadOS 16.5 Beta Update (internal version: 20F5028e) to iPhone users, 13 days after the last release. You can also enjoy minecraft 1.20.30 apk IOS version here.

Supports screen recording through Siri

iOS 16.5 Beta 1 allows users to start and end screen recording sessions with Siri voice commands. Previously, users had to manually click a button in the Control Center to start and finish.

Apple News introduces the Sports tag
In iOS 16.5 Beta 1, the Apple News app integrates the Following and Search tabs and introduces a new Sports TAB. The TAB displays news and scores related to teams that users follow.

Optimized Home
Shared Admin in the Home app can pair/add accessories that support the Matter protocol

Other functions
iOS 16.5 Beta 1 also has some new features that Apple has announced, but has yet to release, including:

Apple Card Savings Account (similar to Yu ‘e Bao)

Next generation CarPlay

iMessage Contact Key Verification

Customize the accessibility mode

Known problem
The Home app may not show that an update was requested when an update is available.

The Shared Admin pairing will fail if the Home hub is running a beta version of the software before tvOS 16.5.

The Home app may remind you to update the widget again, even after it has been updated

If Shared Admin attempts to make the first pairing of Matter accessories in the home, the pairing will fail.

How do I upgrade iOS/iPadOS/watchOS/macOS Development/Public Beta?
Just download and install the description file to detect the development/public beta upgrade in the system update. See below for how to download the description file.

It should be noted that due to the cache problem of node servers in various regions of Apple, some places may detect a slight delay in the update time, generally within half an hour, not too long.


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