Apple iPad Mini 5 Exposure: Full Screen, New Design


News about the iPad has been endless, and the iPad’s product line changes have also affected the iPad’s update frequency. The iPad mini 4 has been released for three years, and Apple has not yet launched the iPad mini 4’s successor. iPad mini 5, coupled with the release of the iPhone XSmax, has made many fans of the iPad mini completely lost confidence, but this is not the case. Recently, some netizens exposed the page of Apple’s internal official website test. The content of the test is the new iPad mini 5. According to the latest supply chain information, the new iPad mini 5 is indeed coming. what will the new iPad mini 5 look like this time!

The iPad Mini 5 will continue to adopt a similar design to the iPad mini 4. The iPad Mini 5 does not have a full-screen design on the front but instead narrows the perimeter frame to make the new iPad mini 5 look even better. The screen ratio is also greatly improved than before, and the positive effect of the new machine is also very shocking. On the back of the new machine, the new iPad mini 5 continues to be built with a metal body, and the back of the fuselage is still equipped with a single rear camera. The change of the back of the whole machine is not large. In terms of the overall design of the new machine, the new iPad mini 5 inherits most of the design of the iPad mini 4, but the details are more pleasantly surprised, the size of the body has become more excellent, and the overall screen era has been kept up. The trend, the whole machine is still very amazing.

The iPad mini 5 will use Apple’s latest A11 processor, although it has not kept up with the mainstream rhythm, considering its market positioning, this configuration is also very good. In the new iPad mini 5 memory combination, the new iPad mini 5 will start with a 3GB+128GB memory combination, and the maximum will be 3GB+256GB. In the camera combination of the new machine, the new iPad mini 5 will use a single 12-megapixel camera behind it. It is a pity that it has not been able to upgrade the dual-camera. On the front camera of the new machine, the machine uses a single 12 million pixel camera, this configuration is also a very pleasant surprise. In terms of other configurations of the new machine, the new iPad mini 5 will support Apple Pencil, which is also worth looking forward to.

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The new iPad mini 5 will be officially launched at Apple’s spring conference next year, but we have not yet confirmed the time of Apple’s spring conference, but it doesn’t seem too far, because Apple will bring this conference. Lots of surprises. In terms of the price of the new iPad mini 5, the new iPad mini 5 will continue to locate the mid-end tablet market, and its price will continue the previous range. the new iPad mini 5 starts selling. The price will be 3699 yuan ($536.15), and this price is also very advantageous.

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