Apple iPhone 8 Plus vs 7 plus in 2020 – Battle of the bezels


Okay, so if you got here wondering if buying a big bezel Apple iPhone 8 plus is worth it, or you are trying to decide if an iPhone 7 plus is still a good pick in 2020, we are going to talk about the benefits of bezels, what is the difference between the bezel and bezel-less iPhones, and finally, maybe you can decide what fits you best. Stay with me!

What is a bezel and what are the benefits of it?

To get it simple, a bezel is a frame that you see on smartphones or tablets but it refers in particular to any material on the front of the device that is not a screen. The bezel is a very important part of technology development. Thanks to a modification that has been made to bezels, Apple & Samsung among other manufacturers managed to build bigger phones. The bigger the bezel, the bigger the phone with a bigger battery

What are the benefits of a bezel-less iPhone?

Well. It is not possible to eliminate bezels 100%. You still need a strong margin around your screen front. What smartphone developers did was to eliminate any bezel parts from the screen making it bigger and nicer.

Of course, the main benefit is that reducing the bezel size can lead up to a significant screen size increase. The same thing for buttons. A couple of years ago, most phones had one or more buttons on the front. By eliminating the bezel, you cannot leave a plastic button in the middle of the screen, so the buttons are integrated into the screen to make it even bigger.

Example: iPhone x vs iPhone 8. There is not a big difference between the size of these two phones. But, on the iPhone X, the bezel was almost eliminated from the screen making it look so much bigger in comparison to the iPhone 8.

Bezel vs Bezel-less Pros and Cons

In terms of Pros, and here we are talking about any device design that has a screen including TV`s, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, and other phones in general.

For the bezel:

  • The device has an increased level of integrity if you see a bezel
  • Increased battery capacity

Against the bezel

  • Of course, the screen is not that bigger, your Netflix experience will not be so exciting on a smaller screen.
  • Bezel might discolor after a few years of use especially the white color fades to a yellow

For All-screen

  • You will have a device with a bigger screen, but the overall dimensions of it will not increase. A bigger screen on a device that fits in your hand.

Against All-screen

  • In terms of holding it in your and, things might get a little complicated. I mean, it is easy to hold it like your old iPhone 7, but you might touch the screen, scratch it easier, you get the point.
  • You might notice the ugly notch on most phones more than ever

In conclusion

If you want to pay the extra few hundred dollars for only a bigger screen, it is your choice. The big bezel Apple iPhone 8 & iPhone 8+ has almost the same internal components as the iPhone X has. The only difference is the bezel-less screen on the X. It is up to you if you want to have a bezel or a bezel-less screen on your phone.


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