Apple iPhone Folding Concept Phone: Quad-Rear Cameras, Dual-Notch


Apple has not announced its plan for folding phones, which has confused the outside world. However, according to their own ideas, foreign media released a set of concept maps about the iPhone Folding Concept Phone. The design of the appearance and function is very disruptive.    The more prominent design of the iPhone Folding Concept Phone still has a large screen in the folded state, and the iconic bangs screen is still retained. However, due to the folding screen design, there are still some differences between the design of the folding iPhone body. For example, the left side of the fuselage is rounded, but the right side of the fuselage is right-angled. If it is also rounded, then the seam of the folded iPhone will become particularly obvious after the screen is opened.

The design method of the lower half of the folding iPhone body is also the same. After the design of notch, the folding iPhone will still not design physical buttons on the front of the phone. If you look at it yourself, you can actually see that the sides of the screen of the folding iPhone are round, but the fuselage is a right angle designed for folding, so there is still some extra space between the screen and the fuselage. The place.

The rear camera of the folding iPhone is designed on the other half of the body and uses a square rear lens module, of which four rear cameras are designed on the square lens module. The four rear cameras of the folding iPhone are designed on the four corners of the square module, the flash is designed in the middle of the four cameras, and the camera and flash present a cross-shaped appearance.

iPhone Folding Concept Phone designed the speakers on two parts of the folding body, two speakers on the two parts of the body. In addition, from the concept map, the folding iPhone is likely to cancel the lighting interface, and it may be replaced by the USB-C data interface. This means that the charging speed of the folding iPhone may be greatly improved because the folding phone ’s advantage is that the battery can be divided into two parts, designed on the left and right sides of the phone so that the charging speed will be faster after parallel connection.

The screen of the foldable

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is folded inward, so the screen of the iPhone Folding Concept Phone after opening it looks very large, but one design is still unacceptable, that is, the foldable iPhone has a bangs screen on the large screen. The bangs screen of the folding iPhone is not designed in the middle but on the right side of the screen. According to this, the design of the folding iPhone seems to want to unlock the face through the face recognition module after the folding screen is opened. Although the idea is good, this design is really ugly.

The iPhone Folding Concept Phone is not expected to be equipped with a wireless charging design. In terms of hardware parameters, it is likely to be equipped with a new Apple A14 processor. The performance situation is still worth looking forward to.

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