Apple M2 Max Leaked: 12-Core CPU, 38-Core GPU


Apple will market the previously rumored M1X as the M2 release, and the new generation of Mac processors that really use the 3nm process and new architecture has been delayed. Unsurprisingly, Apple’s M2 Pro and M2 Max will directly replace the M1 Pro and M1 Max processors in the company’s 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro models, and Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman once again shared some details about the M2 Max.

Apple is said to be planning to launch a 15-inch MacBook Air and a new 12-inch model in 2023, while the new M2 Pro and M2 Max will follow later this year. Compared to the M2 chip using TSMC’s 5nm, the stronger SoC will be based on 3nm technology, so both SoCs have improved performance and power consumption.

He claims that Apple’s new Max custom chips will support up to 12-core CPUs and 38-core GPU designs, but he gave no information on the M2 Pro. Apple’s current M1 Max starts with a 10-core CPU and 24-core GPU, and can choose up to a 32-core GPU.

Although we don’t know the M2 Pro yet, referring to the M1 Pro’s 10-core CPU and 16-core GPU design, Apple is expected to further increase the number of GPU cores in the M2 Pro.

Mark Gurman, citing a developer log, reported that Apple is testing several different versions of the next-generation M2 chip and new Macs that will be loaded with these chips. At present, Apple has at least nine new Mac products in development that use four different M2 chips.

Apple is developing devices using the standard M2 chip, the M2 Pro, M2 Max, and M2 Ultra, and the following devices are in development:

  • The MacBook Air with the M2 chip (codenamed J413) has an 8-core CPU and a 10-core GPU.
  • The Mac mini with the M2 chip (codenamed J473), and the variant with the M2 Pro chip (codenamed J474).
  • Entry-level 13-inch MacBook Pro with an M2 chip (codenamed J493).

14-inch (codenamed J414) and 16-inch (codenamed J416) MacBook Pro models with M2 Pro and M2 Max chips. The M2 Max chip has a 12-core CPU and 38-core GPU, and 64GB of memory.

The new Mac Pro, codenamed J180, will include the M2 Ultra, the successor to the M1 Ultra used in Mac Studio. Apple has also tested an M1 Max version of the Mac mini, but the release of the Mac Studio could make such a device redundant, so when the Mac mini finally releases an upgrade, Apple may stick with the M2 and M2 Pro chips.

Internal testing is a “critical step” in the development process, according to Bloomberg, which suggests the devices could be released in the coming months. We’ve heard multiple rumors about a new MacBook Air, an updated 13-inch MacBook Pro, a Mac Pro, and a new Mac mini, but this is the first time we’ve heard of a possible update to the 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pros this year.

Previous rumors suggest we can expect to see the MacBook Air, lower-end MacBook Pro, and Mac mini in 2022, and Bloomberg has previously said at least two Macs will launch by the middle of this year, perhaps at the WWDC22 Worldwide Developers Conference. superior.

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