Apple Will Release Five NEW Products on September 12


Yesterday Wall Street Journal leaked the news that Apple will hold the new product press conference on September 12, which has got much attention, after all iPhone 8 will change a lot in design, many users are waiting for it.

Now other magazine also report this big news, Apple will hold the press conference in Steve Jobs theater of Apple Park. As for the content of this press conference, this major media has given the same information, there will be five new products released, Iphone 8, Iphone 7s, iphone 7s plus, Apple watch 3, and Apple TV.

Iphone 8 will be the role definitely,  it will use bezel-less screen, removing Home button, adding cool 3D face ID, and it will also upgrade its specs, such as using A11 processor and RAM 3GB, built in 2,700mAh battery, supporting quick charge and wireless charge, it will have ROM 64GB, 128GB, and 512GB, selling at 6700 yuan, $1133 or over.

If Apple really releases iphone 8, iphone 7s, iphone 7s plus on September 12, this three phones may accept preordering on September 15 and then sell officially on September 22.

Iphone 7s and iPhone 7s plus change their design a little, the design and specs are similar to that of Iphone 7, but in order to support wireless charging, the back has changed to glass back cover, and the body becomes a little larger, its processor will also use A11. The price will not change.

As for Apple Watch, the design will change a little, but upgrading its functions will be more important, supporting 4G network, adding multi-sports mode, which will be independent from iPhone.

New Apple TV has code, J105, the biggest change will support 4K and HDR, which is very powerful.

The new TV will support many mode HDR display, improving image displaying effect further, menawhile, Apple has started to discuss with other film company about ITunes to offer 4K digital film issue. Stay tuned.


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