Apple’s First Smartphone with a Folding Screen will be Available as soon as 2022


The fold-screen iPhone is expected to be released in 2022, and the iPad Mini line is likely to be discontinued by then.

The exposure information for the fold-screen iPhone has been around for a while, with renderings suggesting that the phone might use an in-folding solution similar to Samsung Z Fold2, but also pointing to a design similar to the Samsung Z Filp and the MOTOROLA Razr. And according to the latest Revelations, Apple is testing a folding screen provided by Samsung.

The fold-down iPhone is positioned somewhere between the iPhone and the iPad Mini, and because the screen is spread out to a tablet-size size, it will run the iPadOS rather than iOS. In addition, Apple is likely to end production of the iPad Mini after the release of the folding device.

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The folding screen iPhone will come with a combination of 8GB and 256GB of ram, and is expected to sell for $1,499, or 9,915 yuan. According to Phone Arena, in addition to apple, Google is also working on a foldable Pixel Phone, and with huawei, Samsung, MOTOROLA and other brands on the market, there will be more and more phones with foldable screens in the future.


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