Apps To Protect Your mobile phone


As technology continues advancing, mobile security is becoming a major issue in modern society. Fortunately, software experts seem focused on ensuring that modern internet users are safe when using their mobile phones. Here are several third-party applications that are striving to enhance mobile phone security in 2020.

Avast Mobile Security

When it comes to cybersecurity and antispyware protection, Avast is among the leading companies on the market. This mobile application offers you protection against all kinds of viruses while protecting you against a wide array of other threats. When installed on your phone, this security app gives you alerts on any adware or spyware installed discreetly on your phone, or anything else that violates your privacy.

With Avast’s premium protection, your mobile phone will be safe against all sorts of malware, making it excellent, especially for people who regularly download content on the internet. You can install this application for free on iOS and Android mobile phones, though the pro version is even better as it secures your other apps and photos with a private pin code or fingerprint password.


While secure apps like Betway88 will not require you to install a secondary security app, Lockout might come in handy for other applications.  This android and iOS app secures your information from being stolen, copied, or corrupted, though it does that at a fee. However, the app makes sure that your information is protected from malicious backlinks, fraudulent URLs, and vindictive apps.


Besides your messaging apps like Gmail, Skype and SMS, there are lots of other applications you wouldn’t like anyone to access. That includes your favorite sports betting app. Fortunately, mobile betting on Betway88 ensures that your personal data remains protected from third parties whether you’re wagering on sports or having fun at the roulette table. Nonetheless, AppLock comes in handy for locking all the apps you consider private.

AppLock ensures that no one can gain access to your private apps even with your phone’s general password or pattern. Even better, it comes with a random keyboard that helps to prevent people from peeping when you’re writing private messages.

Secure Call

Do you always have a problem picking personal calls in front of nosy people who always want to listen in? Well, Secure Call is the solution for you. This smartphone application offers end-to-end call encryption for all your private calls, ensuring that nobody can overhear your conversation.

Secure Call uses your default phone application to receive and make calls, with a robust peer-to-peer architecture that prevents third parties from listening in on your conversations. It’s the perfect choice for people looking for secure end-to-end phone calls encryption.


With multiple online accounts, remembering all your passwords these days can be a little tricky. However, with the Lastpass password manager, you needn’t get worried. This mobile application allows you to save all your passwords in one place, providing multiple security layers without overworking your mind.

LastPass allows you to easily access your confidential data from your mobile phone and PC, with a secret encryption key that secures all your passwords. Don’t hesitate to install Lastpass if you’re tired of memorizing all your online passwords without having to compromise the security of your information or accounts. 


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