Apps Which Every Trader/Investor Needs


Trading has come a long way in the last few decades. Online trading platforms have opened up global markets to a myriad of new investors, and the opportunities almost seem endless when it comes to choosing an investment. The introduction of mobile trading has undoubtedly revolutionised trading even further, and it is now possible to trade whenever/wherever convenient. Here are some of the key apps which every trader can make use of.

Mobile Trading App

First and foremost, having a mobile trading app brings with it a number of advantages which can be exploited by all types of investors. For a start, it means that they do not have to stay glued to a desktop for hours at a time, given that they can take their trading/portfolio with them wherever they go.

Whether trading spot metals or forex, the majority of mobile trading apps come with every feature which traders need to help them analyse their chosen markets and make informed investment decisions (such as charting software).

Financial News

Another crucial aspect of investment is having knowledge about the factors which influence any given market. As such, following the financial news is part of most traders’ daily routine, as it gives useful insights into how different markets are behaving and helps them to make informed decisions.

Having a financial news app is invaluable in this respect, as it can keep investors updated with pop-up notifications, allowing them to easily and instantly track developments which may affect their investments. As to which app to choose, the choices are endless, but one which focuses on the areas the investor is interested in (e.g. currency, gold, stock market) would be preferable.

Educational Apps

For those novice investors who are inexperienced with different markets, market conditions and strategies, there are a host of educational apps which can teach them not just how to invest, but also how to invest sensibly and with greater chances of success.

These apps could prove invaluable in the long run, and potentially even save investors a lot of money. They are sure to help with developing long term investment strategies which traders can apply on a daily basis.

These are just some of the many innovative types of apps available to all investors. It is well worth doing some further research, especially to look at some of the newer apps coming out which have the potential to further revolutionise trading as we know it.


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