Are you the owner of a Xiaomi Notebook Air? See how you can unlock it with your Mi Band 2!


One of the features that the new Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air has is that it can be unlocked by using your Mi Band 2, like you do for your mobile, using the Mi Fit app. In order to do this you will need the latest mi band 2 firmware and the Windows 10 annual upgrade system 1607 and the unlock software to achieve. Let us see what we must do

  1. Using your Mi Fit app from your mobile, you must upgrade to the latest firmware. The latest at this moment is the using the Mi Fit 2.2.10 with the Caller ID recognition. After you upgrade to the latest, unbind the Mi Band 2
  2. Xiaomi notebook system must also upgrade to the latest Windows 10 annual upgrade system 1607 or above (Formerly Windows system version 1511), press the Windows key + R, bring up the run command, enter cmd, you can see it; The system upgrade in settings — Updates and security — Update the system in Windows Update.
  3. Login to the Windows 10 application store to download Xiaomi Smart Unlock software and install it. You must have logged-in your MS account. If you cannot find it, follow the link given above. Don’t try to install it in a non Xiaomi Notebook, it wont.
  4. After you have installed the software, go to Start –> Settings –> Account –> login option, to set up your computer account to login via Microsoft Account, and use the Microsoft account PIN code login; as shown in the figure after using the Microsoft account login should be so displayed.

After you have done all these, now you are ready to use you Mi Band 2 with you Mi Notebook Air

  1. Run the app at the Notebook and let it search for your Mi Band 2. Don’t forget to keep it close to your Notebook, BT to be on and not to have other BT devices close.
  2. If you see at the app that the Mi Band 2 was found, Click Binding, The Mi Band 2 will start to vibrate. Press the button and you are ready, the Mi Band 2 now in bound.
  3. If the above preparatory work only done the first three steps, then there will guide the fourth step to set the PIN login, and here has been successfully set up. In fact, here is not difficult to find the process is almost the same with the bracelet binding the phone, also open the software to scan, vibration and then confirm, then you’re done, to try Windows + L lock the computer to use the mi band to unlock it.

Take notice of the following things:

  1. As I have said, this feature works only in Xiaomi Notebook Air, as the software is not installed elsewhere. The Mi Notebook Air must have pre-installed Windows 10 system (earlier version, please upgrade to 14393). If you have installed any other edition, won’t work, as and if you have upgraded to Professional Edition.
  2. IF you do not unbind Mi Band 2 from your mobile, won’t be able to bind to Mi Notebook Air, so don’t forget to do it.
  3. Login to Windows must be set via Microsoft account PIN code. Whatever affects the function of the PIN affects how Mi Band 2 reacts with the Notebook Air. You might have to try it several times till you manage it, but in the end you will.

So if you own a Mi Notebook Air and a Mi Band 2, it is time to test the given guide above.



  1. Someone can attach an alternative link with the Windows App, please… I can’t download in the european store of Microsoft

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