Artillery Genius Review – High Precision 3D Printer DIY Kit at €234.60 From TOMTOP


Artillery Genius 3D Printer can print efficiently can work continuously after a power failure to increase your work efficiency and is suitable for use at school or at home. The Artillery Genius 3D printer is being all the rage in the market due to the great advantages it offers; It is of high quality, low consumption, is very easy to assemble and use and has a long life with the possibility of replacing its parts when they fail or wear out.

Buy Artillery Genius 3D Printer From TOMTOP


With its compact design, the Artillery Genius 3D printer is especially suitable for anyone who wants to get to know the basics and steadily improve in the field of 3D printing. Once you’ve taken the parts out of the box, you can assemble the printer in just a few minutes. Virtually all of the printer’s cabling is concealed, which reduces the possibility of damage to sensitive components. As the Artillery Genius is relatively lightweight, it is not difficult to move it from one place to another. The Artillery Genius 3D printer boasts a maximum print head speed of 250 mm/sec and a printing area measuring 220 × 220 × 250mm. The patented 0.4mm nozzle allows you to print with a wide range of solid and flexible materials, such as PLA, ABS and TPU.

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A useful feature of the Artillery Genius 3D printer is the protection against power failure. Should you lose power supply, the printer remembers the last position of the printing platform. When the supply comes back on, the Artillery Genius 3D printer can carry on where it left off. The Artillery, unlike the Ender, has 2 motors for the Z-axis, which are also accompanied; by a belt on the top of the printer, again adding reliability and precision to the printed parts.

In addition, the artillery has also followed in the wake of the Ender 3 and has added a filament holder; at the top where you can put the filament spools during printing; however, it should be noted that this filament holder is adjustable to the size of the spool being used; which gives it a very interesting touch in terms of usability and user experience of the printer. The Artillery Genius has a filament end sensor, a functionality that is not essential but depending; on the use that is going to be given to the printer, it can be very useful, especially for printing very-large pieces, or that require several rolls of filament for their elaboration; therefore, it is an added functionality that is not bad at all.


At the same time, this Artillery Genius 3D Printer is sold at a very economical and competitive price which is a great investment if used often. In addition, it allows you to carry out all kinds of jobs and is ideal for both; 3D printing professionals and amateurs who are starting out in this activity. We can buy it from TOMTOP at €234.60 and Delivered from EU Warehouse with Free Shipping.

Buy Artillery Genius 3D Printer From TOMTOP


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