ARTS All-in-One VR Headset Will first feature Actions S900_VR 64bit Chipset


When it comes to VR, we believe there are no one not familiar with it. It is hotter than smart home, robots, etc, due to the creative experience for people. We can experience vividly in our real life from the 3D movies bring for us. So we have entered into the other world. However, ARTS as Chinese well-known brand released the first ARTS All-in-One VR headset based on Actions S900_VR 64bit Chipset. It has increased more experience in VR line.

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ARTS VR All-in-One is powered by Actions S900_VR 64bit Chipset customized for VR market for Actions which is a high-performance, low power consumption, diversified applications and high integration of 64 four core chip with 28nm IC technology. S900VR is integrated with Quad core CortexTM-A53 of TrustZone  and PowerVR G623 GPU from Imagination Technologies. PowerVR G6230  integrates two color cluster each with a 32 FP32 ALU kernel  for a total of 64 kernel which can provide the neccessary GFLOPS for processing the most strict image and computing application programs.



As for its display, ARTS VR All-in-One adopts  a 5.5 -inch  AMOLED hd screen with 1920 * 1080 resolution and 440PPI density. Comparing with traditional LCD panel, AMOLED has faster reaction rate, higher contrast, view wider, and anti blue light glass function. By the way, the latest Android N OS has claimed to use AMOLED display for better experience. ARTS All-in-One VR will bring us outstanding experience with dual 64bit PowerVR GPU. Due to Actions S900_VR, Arts VR can realize real experience with 360 degree, virtual images, 360 degrees panoramic video, pictures, games, 2d automatically into 3d, taking you to the real world in immersion.  You can feel so real after wearing it such as watching movies, playing games, etc.

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We can also see the future of Actions chipset. Right now there are many Chinese manufacturers entering into VR Virtual reality market, like Deepoon M2, Pico Neo, So can ARTS VR all-in-one beat those brands? Do you also think Action S900_VR will performs well in ARTS VR?


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