ASO Application Optimization in 2021: Step by Step


At the stage of developing an application or game, all efforts are spent on thinking over functionality, graphics, useful or interesting options, and other nuances. A real masterpiece comes out from under the hands of developers, although this is not the case for all applications. But do you know what the chances that even a perfect app will become popular in the App Store and Google Play are?

In a highly competitive environment, it is important to not only satisfy users’ needs but also catch the eye not to get lost in the thousands of other applications available for download. Then, the audience will evaluate the functionality, leave reviews and feedback, etc. But first, you have to make yourself known. To do this, you must be on top; otherwise, users may not scroll to your application. That’s why your mobile app needs ASO optimization.

What Is ASO optimization?

ASO optimization is a set of activities that allow you to improve the visibility of your mobile application in mobile app stores such as the App Store or Google Play. It can be done manually: you need to understand the nuances (we’ll talk about them later), allocate a lot of time, and agree that the result depends solely on your talent and luck. The second way is to use automated tools. Such tools are offered by You can take advantage of a three-day trial period to test and evaluate the instruments before buying.

Text ASO Optimization

Optimizing your application text starts with working on keywords. All available ASO tools can be used here. The algorithm for working on any application will be approximately the same.

  • First step ­ researching. This is where you collect all the keywords and their combinations related to the topic of the application. You can find the keywords you want using various tools that automate this process, such as Text Analyzer or Keyword Monitor. Add keywords in tooltips to them, as well as keywords that you can spy on from competitors. The research will be useful not only for new applications that appear in the range of the App Store and Google Play but also for those that already exist but don`t bring the desired result.
  • Second step ­ prioritization. Use those keywords that can bring you the largest amount of targeted traffic and the ones that are relevant to the topic of the application.
  • Step three ­ optimization of the application by keys. Optimization is 10 times faster when you use professional ASO tools. Anything that may come in handy in this job can be found here.

 Key phrases are added to the “Keywords” field, which is hidden from users’ eyes but available to search engines for indexing.

 Take care of the text description of the application as well. Here, briefly but informatively tell about the functionality, advantages of your application, its distinctive features, and so on.

Visual ASO Optimization

Visual optimization is the second aspect of your app promotion work. It includes photos, videos demonstrating the application, screenshots, instructions, and commercials. Take special care of a quality logo. It should be simple, memorable, and understandable. Visual information is a way to learn more about the options available before purchasing and downloading apps. It is important for the user to find out whether he or she can solve important problems with the help of this app and understand why this option is better than others offered by competitors.

 When you go through both stages, the ASO tools will analyze the results after a while. You will learn which keys are indexed and what to change to make the process of promoting your product even more successful.


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