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The entire computer world is divided into two rooms – software and users, and all representatives of the first always refer to the second – they work with other people’s programs.

Interesting projects are really needed, others – high-quality programs. Therefore, they have to find a common language. What they have in common is that modern technologies for developing software products do not suit either one or the other (although many of them do not admit it).

In recent years, the cost of computers and hardware has dropped hundreds of times and productivity has increased. The cost of software development has remained virtually unchanged. Why? Everyone answers this question in his own way, and besides, every time in different ways. If we consider the existing system for the development of self-developing programs, then the answer lies on the surface – the reasons should be sought in modern technologies. As in nature, where everything is considered, other environmental conditions are better suited to precisely those forms that limit the waiting time, i.e. That is, life itself chooses what is best. Using this technology, software is developed and developed from different outsource net development solutions by dataxdev.

Now in the computer world the Microsoft corporation rules the ball. But here we will not indulge in reflections on the topic of whether this is good or bad. Whether Windows scolds or not, it still reigns supreme. Whether or not they buy Microsoft server products (SQL Server, Exchange Server, etc.), and their market share is constantly growing. It is not so important whether this success is ensured by marketing or a selection of technologies, as it is important that the appearance of a number of Microsoft products in the market provides successful qualitative changes. This means that we can already say that there are two computers in the world – Microsoft, along with large, close courses, and all the rest. In almost all of its actions, Microsoft considers a powerful confrontation: in the field of server operating systems, it competes with Sun, in the field of creating products for the Internet – Apache, in DBMS – Oracle and other manufacturers. However, none of the opponents opposes any opposition on all fronts.

Therefore, Microsoft turned out to be a very strong trump card – its indisputable advantage, using objects that can significantly change the computer world and bring it to a new stage of development. Naturally, her aspirations may be far from disinterested, but something else is interesting here – is it possible to change this world of efforts of one, even a very limited company. A similar situation already occurs about two years ago, during the heyday of the IBM empire. However, her American justice quickly made it impossible to decide the fate of the world. Something is happening now with Microsoft.

However, let us consider the situation from the technical point of view only. Microsoft has launched an interesting initiative called “.Net” (read and written “dotNet” – “dotNet”). So what is she going to?

What is dotNet and what does it give?

Answering each question, we can say that dotNet is a new Microsoft technology aimed at changing the computing world, and in a little more detail, it is a set of several initiatives and technologies, software, settings and development tools. The main advantage of dotNet for users is the implementation of a single information space that connects it with computers and programs, as well as with each other. Developers need to create products quickly and easily.

So, it’s clear: to get a complete picture of dotNet, you need to know what it consists of and what it gives.

On the Microsoft website (Fig. 1), everyone interested in dotNet was divided into three categories (interesting classification, isn’t it): users and developers, information technology professionals, businessmen, and everyone for a voluntary explanation of what dotNet gives it to ios development services.

Some of the features of .NET:

  • Compiled code is faster, and most errors are caught at the development stage.
  • An extensible set of controls and class libraries to accelerate development.
  • The ability to cache the entire page, parts of it, or data used on the page.
  • The ability to separate the visual part and business logic into different files, it is possible to highlight frequently used templates of user controls, such as the site menu, the presence of master pages for setting design templates, AJAX support (ASP.NET AJAX extension).

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