Asurion Home+ Launches just in Time to Protect Your Tech for Amazon Prime Day


The first “Prime Day” marked the 20th anniversary of Amazon. Held July 15, 2015, it featured sales exclusive to Amazon Prime members, with thousands of discounts available for a wide range of merchandise. For 2020, Prime Day shifted to October 13th and 14th instead of its traditional July date due to the pandemic. It again features steep discounts, with an emphasis on technology products, earning it the nickname of “Black Friday in July” – or in this case, October.

The Prime Day deals are massive in scope, reflecting Amazon’s incredible reach to give consumers the choice to buy high-quality items to match any budget. The average U.S. home already has 11 or more connected devices, a number that’s rising as people shift to remote working and (for now) distance learning. Here are just some of the deals available with Prime Day:

  • Clean the house remotely with iRobot iRoomba vacuums with built-in Wi-Fi and Alexa connectivity
  • Steep discounts on Instant Pot products to create amazing meals at home (you spend a lot of time there, you might as well make it smell like deliciousness)
  • Up to 50% off various Sony Bluetooth-enabled noise canceling headphones to create a peaceful work-at-home environment

After you’ve fully stocked up on the latest tech and appliances on Prime Day, you’ll want to protect your investments in case they break or simply stop working. What if your kids crack the iPad again, or your pricey home theater system sounds like static instead of operatic cinema? You can buy individual protection plans for each product, which is simple to do through Amazon, or you can now purchase reasonably priced peace of mind to cover all the tech in your home – past, present AND future. This protection comes from the new Asurion Home+, a new whole-home monthly protection service that greatly simplifies your electronics life.

When you sign up for Asurion Home+ you gain access to easy repair, replacement, and support services. And this support covers past and future technology purchases, not just the items you buy on Prime Day. It’s really a membership/concierge service, covering your TV, laptops, smart watches, fitness trackers, home assistants, smart door locks, gaming controllers (those take a lot of abuse), home theater systems, and much more.

This protection plan offers more than replacement and repair services, it also gives members access to Asurion’s 10,000 experienced tech experts who have successfully resolved more than 85 million tech-related questions. So, if you need help syncing your fitness tracker to phone or are not sure how to set up your router, then you have a reliable and convenient resource. And it’s available all day without a cap on the number of times you can call.

Amazon Prime Day may be a great time to stock up on tech at a discount, but don’t forget to protect the items you buy. With the average family having thousands of dollars’ worth of electronics at home, that’s an investment worth protecting.


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