Asus Announced the ProArt PA90 Mini PC Running Core i9-9900K Processor


Asus, one of the world’s largest computer manufacturers, introduced the Mini PC ProArt PA90 computer model before CES 2019. Here is everything you need to know about the model.

Asus started to announcements before CES 2019. When we look at the Asus Mini PC ProArt PA90, the first draws attention with its stylish design. The cylindrical computer, which is not as small as it says in its name, still does not take up much space. The product, which addresses the people who want high performance in the limited area, takes the designers and the content producers to the target audience.

Asus Mini PC ProArt PA90 is a pre-installed PC (Pre-Build), but has a very high configuration, using Intel Core i9-9900K. The processor has a 30% higher performance than its predecessor and is cooled by an All-in-one liquid cooling system. The lid also has a unique opening and closing mechanism, to increase the amount when circulating in the PC for better heat dissipation.

Users can choose between two 32GB RAM versions of 64GB, two copies of internal memory of 2x12GB SSD or 1TB HDD. Connection ports include 2 USB-3.1 ports, 4 Display Ports and 2 Thunderbolt ports 3.

According to Asus, with such a powerful configuration, the Mini PC ProArt PA90 is intended for those who specialize in graphics, mapping. CAD or photo and video production. Similar to products announced before CES 2019, Asus has not announced the price of Mini PC ProArt PA90. But the Core i9-9900K CPU alone is priced at $500, so the entire system is no less than $1500.

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