Asus ROG Phone Released: A Gaming Phone With Additional Cooling, PC Docking Station, and 2nd Screen


Asus ROG phone was officially unveiled recently at Computex 2018. The Taiwanese company, therefore, makes its debut in the particular field of smartphones designed for gaming, with a device that has available technical specifications of the highest level, as well as some tricks that will make the gamers happy.

The hardware platform consists of the Snapdragon 845 coupled to as much as 8GB of RAM and even 512GB of storage. The Qualcomm SoC has been overclocked, and is able to reach 2.96 GHz. On the well-known benchmark platform AnTuTu, the Asus ROG Phone is able to exceed 300 thousand points (in the ranking updated in April 2018, in first place with ‘was the Galaxy S9 + with 264.638 points), which foreshadows the power available.

The graphics part is entrusted to the Adreno 630 GPU, while the front is dominated by a large 6-inch AMOLED screen with Full-HD resolution, HDR support and refresh rate of 90 Hz. There is also talk of a response time of 1ms, to further emphasize the strong vocation of the ROG Phone for gaming. Complete connectivity, with Asus that has even integrated the standard Wi-Fi 802.11ad, which should guarantee a speed 10 times higher than the ac to which we have become accustomed to smartphones.

Everything is powered by a 4000mAh battery with support for Quick Charge Quick Charge 4.0. Thanks to this technology, the battery should be brought from 0% to 60% in just 30 minutes of charging. The software part is obviously entrusted to Android (it will be necessary to verify the version of the operating system when the ROG Phone reaches the market, it should still be based on Oreo).

Great attention to design too. On the back cover is placed the logo of the Asus ROG line, illuminated with RGB LED (the lighting can be customized via software). Always on the back, there are two grids for heat dissipation, while on the front the two stereo speakers are highlighted with orange trim. Also present two USB Type-C side, which allows you to recharge the smartphone while you are using it in the landscape.

But that’s not all, because the Taiwanese company has also thought of a whole series of accessories. Among these, there is Aero Cooler, a small heatsink that takes advantage of the two USB Type-C side ports to connect to the ROG Phone and cool it further during very challenging gaming sessions.

The Twin View Dock is also very interesting. As the name suggests, this offers a second 6-inch screen specular to that of ROG Phone, which literally gets stuck in this accessory in order to create a sort of portable console. Then there is the Game Vice, which adds sideways to the smartphone of the gamepad with lots of analog sticks.

Without forgetting the Desktop Mobile Dock, which allows you to virtualize the ROG Phone screen on an external monitor, so you can even connect mouse and keyboard, complete with an Ethernet port. In short, many possibilities for expanding the functionality of the Asus smartphone, something that can make the difference in gaming.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the ASUS ROG Gaming Gaming Phone is also equipped with the AirTriggers button. Pressing this button for a short time in the information screen state can quickly activate the camera.

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In the standby desktop long press to open the game mode, Asus also said that the follow-up will be upgraded, users can specify AirTriggers open a specific App. Unfortunately, ASUS officials did not disclose the price of the aircraft, ePrice revealed that the starting price of the ASUS ROG gaming game phone is 5600 yuan (about $873).

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