Asus ScreenPad Touched Notebook Leaked


In October, 2016, Apple released MacBook Pro notebook with TouchBar, at first sight, many media and consumers may be surprised and praise such innovation, with time and technology developing, this kind of sanctification only stays in the mind of those MBP users. After long time, Windows platform doesn’t follow fast.

Recently, a Asus ScreenPad notebook has been leaked, which can control Word, calculator, Spotify, and other procedure by touching. As for how to make it, one way is to by external expansion, the other way is by a secondary screen integrated in traditional touched panel, the former way is like Project Linda from Razer, which is the extension for Apple TouchBar.

Currently, we know Asus ScreenPad will have 1080P screen resolution, powered by GTX 970 driver, IC chipset includes Toshiba TC358870XBG/ITE8225, it can fast control following list, Spotify, YouTube, Calculator, Office, Calendar, Launcher, Numkey, Adobe Reader Sign, Music Player, SpeechTyper.

Therefore, guess how much this Asus ScreenPad will be?

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