Asus ZenPower Max, the World’s Largest 26800mAh Power Bank Launched at $160


In November last year, Asus has released  ZenPower power bank series such as 10050mAh ZenPower Pro、10050mAh ZenPower Combo、20100mAh ZenPower Ultra. Until August this year, Asus has finally announced the largest power bank, Asus ZenPower Max with 26800mAh battery in ZenPower series, which claims to charge fastest for the computer.

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ZenPower Max has black and silver color, built in 8 3350mAh 18650 battery core, using 4 + 4 arranged longitudinally, rarely design to make this power bank look more long, it has 222.5*42*42mm dimensions, 570g weight, which can be put in your bag.


There is concentric decorative lines on the top which are the symbol of Zen series like smartphone, tablet, power bank, etc. ZenPower Max is powered by two QC2.0 USB output, which can support up to 36W (5V2.4A/9V2A/12V1.5A*2) output and a USB Type-C output, 5V3A/12V3A/20V3A output specs (USB PD agreement), three outputs have 60W in total. It supports smartphone, notebook, and other quick charge devices, it will be the most powerful USB-C power bank until now.


According to official data, it can charge 1.3 times full for ZenBook 3 and 2.6 times full for ZenPad 3S 10, and 5.9 times for ZenFone 3 Deluxe. It uses DC port for input, using 33W (19V1.75A)power charger to charge full in 5.5 hours.


It’s pity that ZenPower Max can only be used for power bank with such large battery, so Asus also designed an integrated LED torch, which can be used for 12 days in full power. This powerful power bank must have very surprising price, last time, ZenPower Ultra sells at $100 which makes us moved, this time ZenPower Max only sells at $160, so have you also been moved?


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