ATOMSTACK A5 Pro 40W Laser Engraver For Just €249.71 [Coupon Deal]


This is one of those out of the ordinary products that have particularly attracted our attention, it is the ATOMSTACK A5 PRO laser engraver, with which it is possible not only to engrave different materials but also to cut wood with extreme precision, giving vent to their own fantasy in a way never seen before.

Buy ATOMSTACK A5 Pro at €249.71 on Geekbuying


The ATOMSTACK A5 PRO allows engravings with a maximum size of 410 × 400 mm. For comparison: The Laser Pecker manages 100 × 100 mm, the Neje KZ only manages 38 × 38 mm. The protective cover plays a very good role in protecting your eyes, filtering 97% of ultraviolet light. You and those around you can see the engraving without safety goggles. Reduce the cost of your goggles and the inconvenience of wearing goggles. A5 Pro is supplied in a fairly compact package, well packed, where all the components are stored in a well-protected and tidy way, a very important feature, given that for this type of product, precision is essential.


It is essential to keep people in the same environment away and to wear the protective goggles included in the package. It is also advisable to check that you have correctly installed the protective green supports around the head and always avoid the use of reflective materials. Protective goggles must always be worn during the entire duration of processing until the laser is switched off.

The Quality setting is very important because it defines how many lines per millimeter the laser head will process. It is better not to “exaggerate” with too high values ​​because, in the points where the design is very marked, the laser could engrave the support too deeply and therefore very markedly.

the laser has a smaller and square-shaped beam concentration point, where therefore more power is concentrated. This is partly true because, even though the beam is more concentrated, the shape of the focus point is not quite square, but slightly rectangular. This factor leads to cuts with fewer passes on the vertical axis and more passes on the horizontal one, with a cut thickness obtained greater than the horizontal lines.

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Where To Buy

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Buy ATOMSTACK A5 Pro at €249.71 on Geekbuying


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