ATOMSTACK M50 Review – Upgraded Fixed-focus Laser Engraving at $349.99 From Banggood


ATOMSTACK M50 is ideal for amateur laser engraving usage with Higher laser power, faster engraving speed! NEW ATOMSTACK M50 50W double ultra-fine compressed spot Laser Module: can be used for laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, CNC, DIY laser. Upgraded high-quality fixed-focus laser, no need to focus. Engraving speed is 200% higher than other 5W lasers.


The body of this ATOMSTACK M50 is made of aircraft aluminum with a cooling fan that automatically cools the machine, thus ensuring effective operation. You can use it for CNC cutting, laser engraving, and many other things. It is worth mentioning that in terms of safety, Atomstack started to try to add the gyroscope to the laser module this year. Now it seems that their company has done a good job, and it is certain that this new product M50 will have a gyroscope in it, if the tilt angle of the engraver is more than 20°, then the machine will stop working, which is certainly an excellent protection measure.

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Atomstack M50 module is used two 5W laser modules combined into 10W laser power; can achieve cutting 8.5cm wood board, which is very remarkable progress. The Atomstack M50’s spot can be compressed to an area of 0.08*0.15mm; uses dual compression light coupling technology to allow for more precise engraving; even when engraving metal, with crisp, clear patterns. It can reach 1100 degrees Celsius when working with the laser. The laser is equipped with a protective cover to protect the eyes of the user; without the need to wear additional protective glasses. At the same time prevent pets from grabbing the laser spot. Engravable materials: wood, bamboo, cardboard, plastic, leather; PCB board, aluminum oxide, non-reflective electroplating layer, and lacquered metal, after blackening Utility knife.


The ATOMSTACK M50 is a very practical laser engraver. It is a device that comes in parts, but you will need very little time to assemble it. As it is a laser, this model also has special eye protection so it is safe to use. We can buy it from Banggood at $349.99 in Flash Sale.


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