Atomstack Maker AC1 Camera: Design and Features Review [Coupon Deal]


The Atomstack Maker AC1 camera is a must-have device for laser engraving machines. It is an industrial digital camera designed to accurately position and identify the objects on the material’s surface. The camera is an innovative solution to the problem of positioning materials for carving. With this camera, you can design directly on the material, and the laser will find and process it.


The Atomstack Maker AC1 camera is a small and lightweight device with a size of 42x42x29mm. The camera has a wide-angle lens suitable for machines with a frame of 450x450mm and a photography area of 400x400mm. It is made of high-quality materials that make it sturdy and durable.


The Atomstack Maker AC1 camera has many features that make it an essential tool for laser engraving machines. The camera has a 5-megapixel HD industrial digital camera that provides accurate positioning during use. The camera can be used for multitasking operations, allowing you to complete multiple independent tasks simultaneously. It is adapted for the Lightburn software and can automatically locate the area and object for work with a positioning error of less than 1mm. The camera also comes with a work preview function that solves the positioning problem of specially shaped patterns. It also allows you to share your unique creative creation process with everyone with its video recording and time-lapse photography feature.


The Atomstack Maker AC1 camera is easily connected to your laser engraving machine. It can be compatible with all Atomstack, Ortur, NEJE, and xTool frame laser engraving machines. It requires the Lightburn software to function.


Your laser engraving machine powers the Maker AC1 camera. It does not require any additional power source.


The Atomstack Maker AC1 camera is a game-changer for laser engraving machines. It provides accurate positioning and identification of objects on the material’s surface. It is a must-have device for anyone who wants to design directly on the material and have the laser find and process it. The Atomstack Maker AC1 camera is now available on Cafago at just €112.31 after using the discount code: ED6808. It includes VAT, delivered from China Warehouse, with free shipping.

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