ATOMSTACK S20 Pro Review – 20W Laser Engraving Cutting Machine at €705.99 with Coupon


The Atomstack S20 Pro is a 20W laser engraving and cutting machine that is equipped with an air-assist accessory to improve the precision and speed of your laser cutting and engraving projects. This machine is ideal for hobbyists, DIY enthusiasts, and professionals who want to create intricate designs on various materials such as wood, leather, acrylic, and more. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface; the Atomstack S20 Pro is a reliable tool for all your laser engraving and cutting needs. If you are looking to purchase this machine; you can find it at the lowest price with free shipping on TOMTOP.


The Atomstack S20 Pro is a laser engraving machine that boasts of a durable all-aluminum alloy anodized structure design. With easy assembly that can be completed in just 20-30 minutes, this machine is perfect for both beginners and professionals. Its panoramic filter glass protective cover not only protects your eyes but also filters out 97% of ultraviolet light; making it possible for you to watch laser engraving without the need for goggles. This feature reduces the cost of goggles and the inconvenience of wearing them. The Atomstack S20 Pro is a great choice for anyone looking for a reliable and user-friendly laser engraving machine.

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The ATOMSTACK S20 Pro is a revolutionary laser engraver that boasts of being the world’s first 20W optical power laser engraver. It features the latest generation of four 6W laser coupling technology that significantly enhances its cutting capacity, accuracy, and quality. The laser output power is so high that it can easily cut off 12-15mm thick tungsten board and 8mm thick black acrylic board with just one pass. It can even cut the 0.05mm thick stainless steel sheet. The upgraded laser technology eliminates the need to adjust the focus before engraving, making it easier and more efficient to use. The machine is equipped with precise scale lines on the X-axis and Y-axis to facilitate quick length measurement. The 400x400mm large area engraving interval makes it versatile for various engraving needs. It is compatible with various mature engraving software; such as LaserGRBL and LightBurn, and supports a wide range of engraving file formats.

The laser engraver uses an integrated screw rod that makes the movement of the laser more precise and coupling more durable. It also supports offline engraving, making it safer to use. The ATOMSTACK S20 Pro is recommended for carving objects such as wood, bamboo, plastic, and leather; PCB board, stainless steel, glass, ceramics, cotton cloth, and slate, and cutting objects such as cardboard, non-woven fabric; and some thin plastic boards. The laser protective cover ensures user safety and prevents pets from grabbing the laser spot. It runs on operating software that supports Win XP / Win 7 / Win 8 / XP / Win 10 systems and uses a USB connection for data transmission. With an input voltage of AC100-240V, 50/60Hz, and an output voltage of DC12V, 5A; the ATOMSTACK S20 Pro is a powerful and versatile laser engraver that is suitable for both personal and professional use.


In conclusion, the Atomstack S20 Pro 20W Laser Engraving Cutting Machine with Air Assist Accessory is a powerful and versatile tool that offers high-quality results for your engraving and cutting needs. With its easy-to-use software and compact design, this machine is perfect for both professional and hobbyist users. Additionally, with the FF20P coupon code, you can buy it from TOMTOP at a discounted price of €705.99 (Inclusive of VAT), and enjoy free shipping from Germany. So, if you are looking for a reliable and efficient laser engraving and cutting machine; the Atomstack S20 Pro is definitely worth considering.


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