ATTOP A11 Mini Drone Best Christmas Present Gift for Children Design, Features Review(Coupon Inside)


ATTOP A11 is a fantastic mini RC drone with a unique design and stunning appearance. The sci-fi UFO fuselage design and 4-blade propeller driving system feature outstanding efficiency and high flight performance. The newest 6-axis gyro provides great stability, it’s a perfect mini-drone for both indoor and outdoor.


This drone looks like it’s just come out of a SCI-FI movie. The blade guards look just like big fan motors surrounding the blue body shell. Everything is small about this ready to fly drone 90 * 90 * 26mm, even the price. It even comes with a 2.4GHz radio system to provide quick control. Given its size, it still comes with lots of features such as one key touch to return drone to the remote controller’s location. The drone even has the ability to change flight direction with a change in direction of the remote controller. Once you get stabilized flight under control then use the one button 360-degree roll-over function to impress your mates with some extreme maneuvers. If you are flying at night then the drone lights help with navigation and checking the orientation of your flight. The big propeller guards help with those little bumps and rough landings. This is fantastic value for a great looking, excellent flying drone.


With that many features flying should be easy. The drone is really steady in the air, but there is one missing function that would make it the perfect small quadcopter. It has no ‘altitude mode’ feature and as a rookie, you are going to face a hard time keeping the drone on a specific height. The Headless mode is always a nice feature to have as a beginner. You don’t have to think about direction anymore and that makes life much easier. Just hit the right arrow button beneath the left throttle stick. It will work with just one simple click. The return to home feature was recently only available for the more expensive drones, but today even the smallest quadcopters have it. However, we had some weird experiences with the function. Probably because of the lack of calibration. Drones from this mini size will mostly be used in-house. And even when it’s small and a beginners quadcopter not crashing requires some decent skills. 3D flips can be done out of the box with just hitting the top right button. Still, our desire for the future should be; a button for avoiding the furniture. The total flight time of the drone is approx 6 minutes. After that, you need to charge the small battery for 45 minutes. Overall we really liked the experience. It’s small size and weight makes it confident to fly. You don’t have to worry about ruining the living room with one flight.


The ATTOP A11 offers plenty of value for a mini quadcopter. It’s great fun to fly, is fast yet stable, and with ducted motors, poses less of a threat to children and is much harder to accidentally break. Its thick 4-blade propellers are also easier to locate should they detach during a crash compared to normal 2-blade propellers, they’re also less fragile and more durable. The ducts on this model do an excellent job in shielding the props from damage. You can buy from RCMoment at $17.99 use Coupon Code: SALE10


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