ATUMTEK ATMS032 Single Monitor Desk (Review)(Coupon Deal)


The ATUMTEK ATMS032 Single Monitor Desk Mount hoists your PC screen to eye stature, alleviating strain on your neck, back, and shoulder, expanding solace for profitable work.

ATUMTEK ATMS032 Single Monitor Desk


Aluminum pass-on projecting development makes this gas spring screen riser strong and very protected. The underlying premium gas springs guarantee sturdiness and smooth stature change. This single-screen arm upholds both C clip and grommet mounting for work areas with or without a grommet opening. Clasp reasonable for work area thickness up to 3.35″ while grommet mounting upholds max. thickness up to 2.56″. Broadly fits 15″ – 32″ level or bent screens with VESA mounting design 75x75mm and 100x100mm. Also, the arm holds weight up to 19.8 lbs.

ATUMTEK ATMS032 Single Monitor Desk


This single-screen arm stand permits your screens to turn, shift and pivot to get an ideal point or direction for productive work. Just uninhibitedly set your screens to scene or picture mode. The security and effectiveness of your screen’s position is not, at this point an issue. Clear up significant workspace and furnish ergonomic review points with an ATUMTEK premium gas spring screen stand. Fits most LCD screens 15″ to 32″ in size and supports up to 19.8 lbs in weight. It’s produced using great cleaned aluminum pass-on cast strong steel for sturdiness.

Underlying with the ultra-exactness gas swagger, breezed through 25,000-cycle vertical weariness assessments, gas spring weakening rate is underneath 5%. Guaranteeing at least five years inconvenience-free tallness change. With a full scope of movement that gives fantastic ergonomic solace, it upgrades your sound way of life and improves profitability at both home and workplaces. Accompanies both C clasp and grommet units, this stand fits work areas with or without an opening. Both C clip and grommet mounting fit work area thickness up to 3.35″. Pick the reasonable one as your need.


ATUMTEK ATMS032 Single Monitor Desk is lightweight and comes in the best size. It easily gives you the perfect time while using it. So, what are you waiting for? Get this from Atumtek Officials at ATUMTEK ATMS032 Single Monitor Desk, 25% Off code for an entire website: 25%OFF



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