Australian mother watches 11-month-old baby forced to vape


March 2 (AFP) – A harrowing video about an 11-month-old baby boy smoking an e-cigarette has surfaced online, sparking outrage among locals, Australian media reported today.

In the video, a mother from Kempsey, on the New South Wales mid-north coast, smiles as the baby’s aunt puts the e-cigarette in the baby’s mouth.

In the background, others – believed to be family members – laugh at the sinister act as the baby coughs and belches out smoke.

But while the family in the video looked funny, hundreds of people were outraged when the video was posted online.

“Who vaped their kids?” “One netizen commented.

“How can you put an e-cigarette in your own son’s mouth and watch him suck on it and laugh while he smokes and coughs?”

Frustrated viewers added that they were disgusted by the family’s actions.

“It was horrible, everyone couldn’t believe it. Why would you vaping a young baby?” “Said one local.

“Disgusting… I can’t believe it.” “Said the other.

But experts say not only are the children in the video at risk, other children could be exposed if the behavior is normalized.

“It was unbelievable to see the video of that poor kid.” Paige Preston of the Lung Foundation.

“It’s a huge concern because it does normalize e-cigarettes, it makes it easy to do something that is extremely dangerous for children and adults.”

She added that there is evidence that e-cigarette use and vaping can cause both short – and long-term lung damage.

Comments posted with the video indicated that the baby had been taken to hospital.

However, it is not known if he has any symptoms or if he is simply under observation.

Experts recommend that parents seek medical advice, such as calling a poison hotline or emergency room, if you think your child has inhaled vaping fumes.

Police told media they were aware of the video and were looking into it.

For legal reasons, the media hid the identities of the baby and mother.


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