Autel MaxiCharger AC Wallbox Vehicle (EV) Charger at $448 with Up To $111 OFF


When You are Traveling or Going Out of Your House, You Don’t Have to Worry about Charging Again, Because the Autel MaxiCharger AC Wallbox Vehicle (EV) Charger Can Be Carried with the Car. Autel MaxiCharger can charge more than three times as fast as ordinary portable EV chargers thanks to the excellent control microchip and better circuit protection. Significantly save your charging waiting time! Autel MaxiCharger offers the best of both small size and powerful performance for faster level 2 electric vehicle charging at home.

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Additional Features
  • Real-Time Notifications and Reporting
    (Display of real-time charging status, remote charging start and stop, battery test report, etc., enable you to know your vehicle status in real-time.)
  • LED Indicators
    (Power LED indicator, internet LED indicator, charging LED indicator, and Bluetooth connection LED indicator on the chargers to provide a clear indication of different charging statuses.)
  • Convenient Control via App or RFID
    Remote control of MaxiCharger via app or RFID, or enabling the Autostart feature via app settings allows you to use the charger with ease.
  • Remote Firmware Update
  • OTA (Over-The-Air) update keeps your charger always up to date.
  • Intelligent Energy Management
    ALM (Adaptive Load Management) help you manage household energy usage, prevent overcurrent trips, and reduce electricity bills. With the same grid capacity, more appliances, chargers, and vehicles can be charged at the same time.

Slogan: Green Energy Powers the Future

Autel is a global company focused on exploring the sustainable development of better people, vehicles, technology, and new energy. In the world’s technology market, Autel has a global presence and is committed to bringing valuable, reliable, and smart products to clients.

Autel MaxiCharger AC Wallbox is easy to install and maintain with a modular design, and the installation can be completed within 8 minutes. The installation time is related to the product model, installation environment, installer, etc., and this could be extended if there are unforeseen complications. Up to 40 A, MaxiCharger AC Wallbox charges any EV 7x faster than level 1 chargers. MaxiCharger AC Wallbox is a 240V-50A level 2 smart charger compatible with all EVs and PHEVs with J1772 charge ports. A wide power output range of 6–40A  can support various scenarios. A vehicle can gain up to 30 miles of range per hour.)

Smart charge with Autel Charge app or RFID control. Enables you to use chargers easily. Set a schedule to charge when it is most convenient or least expensive. Real-time notification and report. Schedules, charging status, session details, etc. Dynamic Load Balancing to help manage your home’s energy use and save your money. The ultra-high protection level of NEMA 4 ensures usage security in complex environments such as rain, snow, and dust. The excellent heat dissipation design makes the working temperature at full-load 10°C lower; than the industry average and extends its lifespan to 10 years. You can enjoy Prime Discounts(PST:July 13th-July 14th):OFF20AUTEL
$447.2($111.8 20%off )

Buy From Amazon at $448 After Discount


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