AZDOME 4k Car DVR GS63H New Scene Photo Exposure


A good dashcam has good resolution and clear video output and it is one of the most important deciding factors in purchasing a dash cam nowadays. Because if video quality isn’t high enough, you might not be able to use your footage in the case of an accident to prove you’re not to blame. Azdome seems to have taken this point into consideration and that’s why their latest recently AZDOME released world’s first 4k dash cam – GS63H successively and Azdome GS63H comes with an ultra HD video resolution beyond your imagination. only in a few short months, Azdome has pushed the dash cam industry into a new height.

It has hardly been one month since the AZDOME 4k dash cam GS63H made its appearance, and then the resolution and WiFi function were gradually introduced not long after its announcement. Now it’s time for the overall appearance to pop up, today AZDOME brings the real shots of 4k WiFi dash cam GS63H for us. Now let’s appreciate a group of real shots of GS63H together.

I was quietly impressed by the reasonable layout of line, camera lens and heat emission hole, which gives GS63H a more premium appearance and better feeling in the hand, along with general appearance and design of the 4k dash cam, 2.4 inches compact LCD with elegant curves on the back.

. The model is equipped with Novatek 96660 processor, an OV4689 image sensor, f / 1.8 aperture lens and 150-degree viewing angle, so the camera captures more objects in the frame. Azdome GS63H has built-in GPS-module and a 2.4-inch screen, under which the main controls are located. The gadget provides the function to start automatic shooting when it detects activity near the car or collision. Dimensions of the Azdome GS63H are 73.4 x 63.7 x 31.6 mm.

Car owners will be able to prove their case, because Azdome GS63H received support for Wi-Fi module the recorder can be controlled remotely through the application and, if necessary, quickly upload the captured files to the mobile device.

So I think this AZDOME GS63H would be the best choice for buying. Stay tuned for more news about the AZDOME 4k WiFi dash cam GS63H and if want to know more about it so kindly visit the official website.

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