Azdome A305 Dash Camera Review at your car to keep track of your everyday moments (with real images and day/night video footage)


I guess you must have seen on Youtube, video footages of various situations from inside a car. Funny moments, dangerous moments from various car accidents, relaxing moments from road trip, recording the beautiful nature. I guess you must have wondered have they have managed to capture all these moments. They all had a dash camera, like the Azdome A305 that recently obtained. A 1080p with WiFi feature camera, that I recommend you all to get one, and I’ll tell you why.

The Azdome A305 Dash Camera, came to me with post, well protected. Opening the package came across a black box, with image of the camera on top and the specs of the camera at the side. Nothing very impressive, but it contained all that I might need to know about my dash camera, something very important.

Opening the box, the first thing you see is the Azdome A305 Dash Camera, inside a plastic bag.

The camera itself looks big but is not. At the back side of the dash camera, we find a 2.45” LCD screen with 432 x 240 screen resolution (H245QBN02.0). At the sides we see the power button, the slot for the SD card, the slot for the power cable and the AV output. There is also a reset whole at the side.

At the front side, we see the camera, a Sony 1/2.9 Exmor CMOS with 2MP. It can record video at 1920 x 1080@30fps with H.264,MOV or take jpeg images. Inside the box you can also find a USB cable for charging the dash camera, a car charger, a 3M sticker, so you can adjust the camera in your car and a bracket that when is used will keep safe the camera at it’s place. There is also a detailed manual, from where you can find and from where you will download and the app that you can install in your mobile and control from there the camera.

The app that you will have to download as I told you, you can find it from the manual. For my Xiaomi Mi5S plus, android, is the 乐行客 Lercenker. After installing the app, by activating the WiFi connection on the A305 dash camera, you will be able to change the settings, see what the camera sees, transfer the video files from the SD card of the camera to your mobile.

The A305 comes with a NOVATEK NT96658 that does all the hard work. Features G Sensor, that has the ability to detect sudden or severe movements. By this way, in case of an incident, it will start to record or lock the video that is already recording. These file are kept safe from the loop recording system. The files are stored in the Micro SD card that can be up to 32GB.

The len of A305 has 150° Ultra-Wide Angle, with F/1.8. You can change the video output from NTSC to PAL id needed. The camera, since we are speaking for a dash camera, can work under extreme temperatures like -10℃ to 55℃! As you will see and in the video, the A305 has a built-in camera of 300mAh, that gives the ability to the camera to work without the need of the car charger. If it is needed, you can always connect it to the car power supply 12V / 24V. The camera is very easy to mount in the car. You can use either the 3M sticker to hide it for example behind your mirror or use the bracket to mount the camera on your windshield, as I have done in my video review.

You can check my unboxing video and a deep review video that I have made. The review video includes a 5 min video footage during the day and a 5 min video footage during the night, in order to see that the Azdome A305 does a really good job.

Unboxing of the Azdome A305 dash camera

Deep review with day/night video footage of the Azdome A305 dash camera

I’m sure by now you have understand why I say you must get the Azdome A305 dash camera to record all these moments I mentioned at the beginning. For further information from where you can get the camera, you can check the official site, where Amazon and Aliexpress are given as an option to obtain it.


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