AZDOME A307 VS A305 DVR Dash Cams Comparison Review: Which One Do You Prefer?


Today we are talking about the difference between Azdome A307 & A305 Dashcam, one of the tools that are increasingly used by taxi drivers, road haulers and all those who spend many hours on a means of transport. There are many videos on Youtube that witness accidents or events more or less relevant, thanks to the presence of these cameras positioned inside the cockpit of some cars. There are different types and shapes: from those integrated into the rearview mirror with a double view, both front and rear, to those to be applied on the windshield, with recovery towards the outside. In this article, we will see What’s the difference between Azdome A307 VS A305?


The Azdome A307 & A305 is entirely made of ABS plastic. On a constructive level it is well assembled but both are different in Design, Azdome A307 & A305 with dash cams equipped with super night vision effect, it can clearly shoot the HD videos even in a completely dark environment, the night vision effect is pretty powerful. Now you can drive without any problem of dark environment. Amazingly with Unique design, exquisite hand feeling and compact body all bring people the biggest visual impact.

g sensor dash cam sony IMX323 sensor

Azdome A307

1080p dash cam sony sensor

Azdome A305


Azdome A307 & A305 both are equipped with Sony IMX323 Sensor and six-layer glass lens, the definition will increase by 20%, both the images and videos will give you a full range of visual impact. 2.45-inch IPS LCD and 150-degree viewing angle, which allow the drivers to see the screen effect from multiple perspectives and capture more details in the frame, 2 installation methods(3M mount and suction mount) and WiFi connection make A305 much more appealing. Azdome A307 & A305 both are chipsets used is a Novatek Nt96658, more than enough to handle all the operations present.

g sensor dash cam with wifi

Azdome A307

1080p dash cam with wifi

Azdome A305


Azdome A307 & A305 both are also equipped with a Wi-Fi connection, with 802.11 b / g / n module, which allows you to connect to our smartphone, after installation of ” Lerccenker”. The latter is an app that manages the settings previously seen on our smartphone. On the phone screen, we will see live what the dashcam is recording at that time, being able to remotely modify all the parameters already mentioned.

g sensor dash cam wide angle lens

Azdome A307

1080p dash cam wide angle lens

Azdome A305


Azdome A307 & A305 both are mainly developed to generate video, is also equipped with a 150 ° wide-angle view. We have anticipated the characteristics of the sensor previously, without dwelling on the quality of the results. As for this point, we can say that, for the product we are considering, the quality is good.


AZDOME A307 g sensor dash cam product parameters


1080p dash cam product parameters


The basic function and parameters of Azdome A307 & A305 Dashcam are the same, they are all: Novatek96658 chip, 1080p, Imx323, 2.45 IPS LCD, 150-degree wide angle, hidden design, wifi connect, 3M mount and suction mount for options, etc. The only major difference is their appearance. The features of the two dash cams are Almost the same, if you pay more attention to Design then its depend on you which one you choose.

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