AZDOME DAB211 HD Night Vision Effect Video Display Exposed


Traffic accidents are likely to happen while driving at night due to the dim light, under such circumstances, a dash cam is necessary to record the scene of the accident, thus obtaining the evidence for compensation. Currently, there are many dash cams on the market, the major dash cam manufacturers all begin to feature the night vision function, but it is unclear how their night vision would be effective, the real effects of many dash cams may not always act as advertised.

AZDOME shows the night vision effect video of their first Ambarella dash cam DAB211 to us, as the video shows, the plate number of the side vehicle and vehicle ahead can all be clearly seen, and the pedestrians on the road can also be clearly seen even in dark environment.

Therefore, the road condition in the driving process can be clearly shot by Azdome DAB211, even in the dark night, it can clearly record the driving condition. Besides the night vision, AZDOME DAB211 is also equipped with built-in GPS, ADAS, HDR, parking monitor, motion detection, etc

This camera is equipped with Ambarella A12 chip and OV4689 sensor, which means a better experience for users in the speed of operation. In addition, it has built-in GPS, ADAS, 150 degrees ultra-wide angle night vision and angle, support 128GB TF max card. Above all, the DAB211 comes with a resolution of 2560 * 1440p and Ambarella A12 chip, which will provide a higher quality of video for users. 

Azdome says that with these functions DAB211 will not only help drivers to record videos in driving but advantageous to drivers in many other aspects. Second, video resolution and lens, which is the primary concern people, in this regard, DAB211 are also quite attractive, DAB211 comes 1440p and the wide angle ultra To 150 degrees, which means a better overall experience for users and will provide the surrounding environmental panoramic views for people to enjoy the visual banquet.

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