AZDOME Preparing To Launch Azdome HS7908 The Dual Lens 1080p FHD Mirror Camera Soon


Taking the consideration of you and your family up to the utmost of importance, the purchase of a mirror camera gives added peace of mind while allowing the driver to see his Under The Car surroundings in clear definition. The Chinese manufacturer specialized in the R&D and production of dash cams – Azdome – both technology and products are industry-leading has more than seven years of experience. More and more drivers begin to choose dash cam to protect their rights with the frequent occurrence rate of accidents, accordingly, many dash cam manufacturers launched mirror camera product. AZDOME already has broken precedent by proposing the concept of mirror camera and would be launching the its first mirror camera product HS790B with new pioneer and innovative design.

This kind of mirror camera aimed at replacing the traditional optical rearview mirror provides a clearer picture at a greater angle for the drivers. These are all the advantages of mirror camera products. Azdome HS7908 is equipped with two 1080p camera lens of Sony Sensor, as is shown in the picture, the product adopts a huge screen more than three times of viewing angle, anti-glare, night vision, not afraid of the rainy and foggy weather, which can help us enjoy the HD visual effects better. 

There is no doubt that mirror camera is an impressive improvement compared with an optical rearview mirror in terms of vehicle safety and rearview experience. This product is different from the traditional dash cam, meanwhile, the double 1080p camera lens is also a new breakthrough, in this coming era of cellphone full screen, mirror camera will also lead the new trend of dash cam industry. You may follow AZDOME Facebook to know more about their latest information.

Currently, there are still no details about its possible release date and we do not know the price either, but it could be quite reasonable since the Azdome products have always stood out for offering good value for money. the official website also hasn’t updated the information of this product, what’s your opinion of the product? Interesting to see how Azdome HS7908 can also launch the high-end mirror camera in the market, abandoning the focus on the low and mid-range?

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